LEGO Dimensions Year 2

Here’s an very interesting rumor involving the future of LEGO Dimensions and it’s not looking too good for the popular toys-to-life game. Bricks to Life has put out a report that LEGO Dimensions may be coming to an end sooner than we thought. We already knew that TT Games had promised three years of content but that looks like that may be cut short. I’ve seen various reports on it but I’ve held off until there were more information about it.

Bricks to Life was given this information from their sources and it also corresponds to what Just2Good stated last month which he took a lot of flak for. There’s also in-game content that may also suggest the same thing where some content were removed in the latest update. Furthermore, it was also stated that the company held a meeting to review their upcoming games and LEGO Dimensions went from top of the list to the bottom. Coupled that with the very deep discounts of the expansion packs recently, everything seems to be correlate that the game will be coming to an end.

Of course there’s still more LEGO Dimensions expansion packs that will be coming out in the near future including The Goonies Level Pack (71267), Hermione Fun Pack (71348), and the LEGO City Fun Pack (71266) which are all coming out in May. There’s also some unannounced expansion packs from various themes including The Powerpuff Girls, Beetlejuice, and Teen Titan’s Go! which we haven’t officially seen yet. Then there’s that Lord Vortech rumor as well.

There are a lot of hardcore fans of the the game and some may be disappointed to read about it. Head on over to Bricks to Life to see their in-depth analysis on the fate of LEGO Dimensions in the link above. If you can’t get to it because of site issues, check out the cached version of it.

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