LEGO Dimensions Upcoming Expansion Packs Datamined

LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans Go!

Here’s something very interesting coming from one of our readers who have shared some information about some upcoming LEGO Dimensions expansion packs. We already knew that we would be getting expansion packs from franchises such as Teen Titans Go! and LEGO City Undercover when it was first announced.

A reader did some datamining and found some expansion packs that would be coming out for some franchises. Looking at the info, it looks like LEGO City: Undercover will be a Chase McCain Fun Pack while Teen Titans Go! will be a Team Pack which includes both Raven and Beast Boy. For that set, it’ll be either 71254 or 71255. There’s also some details of the Powerpuff Girls which will include all three characters of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. No word about which expansion pack(s) they will be in.

What’s most interesting out of the screenshot is the Lord Vortech Fun Pack which could mean that we’ll finally be getting a Lord Vortech minifigure which fans have been asking for since LEGO Dimensions was first released. Of course, this could be just dummy info to throw everyone off but we’ll see.

Thanks to Matthew for the info.

LEGO Dimensions Year 2

LEGO Dimensions Year 2

  • David4

    I really wish Lego would release some Nexo Knights sets, at least a fun pack.

    • Purple Dave

      Maybe in Year 3, but we already know all of the new properties that will be covered in Year 2. Doorways to their various Adventure Worlds are all present on the Shard.

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    So if City and Teen Titans are only fun/team packs, that mans that there are still three level packs unannounced! This must mean that Goonies, Beetlejuice, and Powerpuff are the last three level packs. Darn, these are my least favorites of all the themes…

  • cyberlink420

    DLC isn’t based on individual pack releases; DLC packs include an adventure world and any associated bonus levels, while character and vehicle data appears only as part of the Character and Tag Item Content updates. And on that note, why are the vehicles left out? Surely they would be included if someone really datamined all this. Not to mention it doesn’t even mention Beetlejuice, which was confirmed to be included long ago. (And I think TTGames would know how to spell “McCain”…)

    This screams fake, and not a very good fake at that.

  • B.J. Racine

    I hope the LEGO City Fun Pack comes out soon. Really want to explore that open world.

  • chewymurphy

    It would make sense actually. If you remember back when they released the poster for Year 2, with all of the new characters and vehicles with the older ones, one of the characters in the picture was Lord Vortech. Based on that picture, I predicted he’d be coming.

    • Scarilian

      Saw that picture at a Lego exhibit sort of thing and enquired, only to be told that every character and vehicle on their would be released – including Vortech. So I’ve known about his planned release for this year for a while. Hopefully his set is good – wonder if it means an update to the Lego Dimensions story, or perhaps a sequel? Maybe just some more backstory for him?

    • Purple Dave

      I remember no such poster. I do remember one that only covered Year 1 through Wave 7, but by the time we’d seen that we had already seen pics of the LBM Starter Set and theExcalibur Batman and Michael Knight Fun Packs.

  • jermain burnett

    Wow the Teen Titans Go is coming to the lego dimensions is cool.

  • The portals for these packs are literally in the game right now.