LEGO City 2018 Dirt Road Pursuit (60172) Official Images

LEGO City Dirt Road Pursuit (60172)

It looks like LEGO is getting ready to sell the 2018 sets on [email protected] as they have uploaded the new LEGO City Dirt Road Pursuit (60172) to their servers. It’s a Police set but it does include a new net shooter feature which I believe other 2018 City sets will have in this subtheme. There’s also some new parts that it has including a new dirt bike mold and helmet, just to name a few.

Thanks to CM4sci for the heads up.

LEGO City Dirt Road Pursuit (60172)


Rumored LEGO Sets for Solo: A Star Wars Story

A few days ago, the Han Solo standalone film, got its title of simply Solo: A Star Wars Story which was confirmed by director Ron Howard who took over for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. As with other Star Wars movies, there will be some LEGO sets to accompany the film. According to “rumors,” there will be five system sets (75207, 75209, 75210, 75211, 75212) and possibly two buildable figures (75535, 75536) that will be released in April 2018 for it. According to one of my sources, there will be a Millennium Falcon, not surprisingly, but it will don a blue and white paint job.

We’ll probably won’t see images of these sets at next year’s Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs since LEGO usually keeps licensed under wraps. Solo: A Star Wars Story will be in theaters May 25, 2018.


LEGO Worlds Monsters Pack DLC Arriving October 26

LEGO Worlds Monsters DLC

It has been announced that the LEGO Worlds Monsters Pack DLC will be released on October 26. It was revealed during Gamescom 2017 that the Monsters DLC would be coming this month but didn’t specify a date. Like with other paid DLCs for LEGO Worlds, this one will also go for $3.99 but if you have the physical copy of the game on the Nintendo Switch, it will be included.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle D2C Set in 2018?

Back in August, I did a post reporting that we may be seeing the return of LEGO Harry Potter in 2018 which included sets as well as a Collectible Minifigure Series. There’s a new rumor floating around that we could also be seeing a direct-to-consumer set (71043) for the theme. One logical suggestion is that this D2C Harry Potter set may feature Hogwarts Castle similar to what LEGO did last year with The Disney Castle (71040). If this is true, the large scale Hogwarts can show various rooms or memorable scenes from the eight films.

Of course this is only currently a rumor so take it with a grain of salt until something official is announced by LEGO. Note that the image above is from the 2010 set which was one of my first reviews on The Brick Fan. How time flew by.


LEGO Dimensions Officially Cancelled

LEGO Dimensions Year 2

We’ve talked about this back in March but it looks like LEGO Dimensions has been officially cancelled. A source that is close to to TT Games has told Eurogamer that the game is over and done, a year earlier than expected. There isn’t expected to be an official announcement as it seems that TT Games wants it to be silently cancelled. This news was first talked about by Bricks to Life back in March as well.

A reason for the game being going away is that the sales for the Year 2 content did not meet expectations as the whole toys-to-life genre has been slowly fading away. One interesting tidbid is that some of the Year 3 content included Lord Vortech to round out the story. Some other planned expansions included LEGO Minecraft, another Doctor Who pack to feature Missy, and DC Comics Super Heroes Flash. The company also had an idea to have a camera scan a LEGO build and replicate them in the game but this idea was shot down.

TT Games studio manager Dave Dootson sent a memo to the company when it was for sure the LEGO Dimensions was cancelled:

Thanks so much to everyone for making Dimensions possible. As difficult as it has been, it is worth celebrating the incredible achievement it represents in the quality of the game, the amazing blend of IPs and the challenging technical demands it presented. It stands as a real testament to the talent within TT.

LEGO Dimensions has good while it lasted and many fans did have a good time with it. What was your favorite memory of LEGO Dimensions?


LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) Officially Announced

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)

LEGO has officially revealed the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) set. There were images of it that showed up online a few days ago but we now get the details of it. It will be available starting on November 1 for a retail price of USD/Euro 24.99 and if you’re in New York City on October 28, you can meet the designer of the set Maia Weinstock, aka 20tauri.

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)

Follow in the footsteps of 4 pioneering women of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration—America’s space agency) with this fun and inspiring LEGO® set. Build the Hubble Space Telescope and learn astronomy with the ‘Mother of Hubble’ Nancy Grace Roman. Develop the software for space missions with computer scientist Margaret Hamilton. And launch the space shuttle with Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, and Mae Jemison, the world’s first woman of color in space. Build, play, learn and one day you too could become a science, technology, engineering or mathematics superstar!

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)

A personal tribute to pioneers

Science editor and writer Maia Weinstock combined three of her personal passions in designing the Women of NASA set for LEGO® Ideas: space exploration, the history of women in science and engineering, and LEGO building.

“I thought people might like to build their own display featuring minifigures of accomplished women in the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] professions. For the vignettes, I wanted to contextualize each person in terms of her contribution to NASA history.”

“I was absolutely elated when the project reached 10,000 supporters! The set clearly touched and inspired many, as it reached 10,000 supporters in just 15 days. The night on which it appeared we’d reach 10K, I stayed up until 4:30 or 5 in the morning so that I could watch the 10,000th vote come in. I didn’t get much sleep that day, but it was thrilling!”

LEGO® Designers Gemma Anderson and Marie Sertillanges were thrilled to help refine Maia’s model into an official LEGO set.

“I was extremely excited about working on this one, especially as I had already heard of it and really wanted it to become a set,” says Gemma. “My focus was on ensuring that the model had stability, the colors were aligned and the subjects were accurately portrayed, all while staying respectful to the design of the original model.”

For Marie, “The main challenge in designing the minifigures and the decorations was that I could not make anything up. Every detail was important and needed to match reality, since they represent real-life women. It was beautiful to hear some of the stories behind the scenes, like how Sally’s name tag was changed from ‘Sally Ride’ to just ‘Sally’ at her own request.”

Pre-release box signing event

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Women of NASA set we’re happy to have Maia Weinstock join us at the Flatiron District LEGO Store in New York City to meet and greet fans, while signing the Women of NASA LEGO set at this exclusive pre-release event.

Date: 28th October, 2017 from 10am – 2pm
Location: LEGO Store, 200 5th Avenue, Flatiron District, New York City.

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)


LEGO Ideas Jaguar E-Type Roadster Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The Jaguar E-Type Roadster by Ozzyeatingbats is the latest project to get 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The project is a 1:10 scale representation of the iconic car and consists of about 1,664 pieces. If this car looks familiar, you may have seen it in the Austin Powers films and in Mad Men.

The Jaguar E-Type Roadster now joins the Pop-Up Book, Boat House Diner, and The Lighthouse as the projects to reach the Third 2017 Review Stage.

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