LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path Book Coming in June

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path

Back when I was in grade school, there were these popular books called Choose Your Own Adventure in which you, the reader, are taken through an adventure and you’ll face options at various points to be taken to a number of different endings. This summer, DK will be releasing their own CYOA book with LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path which has the same premise. The book has 128 pages and will be available on June 5.

As with many other DK books, there will also be a minifigure included as well. Note that it doesn’t say “exclusive” minifigure so it could be one that has already been released. We’ll just have to wait and see who it will be as we get closer to the release date.

You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $19.99 with free shipping for Prime members who also get the Pre-order Price Guarantee.

Be the hero of this book and choose where to go in the LEGO® Star Wars(TM) galaxy. Learn how to battle, who to team up with, which side of the Force to join, plus much, much more. Read the text, then decide where to go next by selecting one of two options on every page. Do you want to travel around Jakku by speedy quadjumper or by four-legged luggabeast? Will you choose to join the rebels over Scarif, or to fly after the Inquisitor? On Mustafar, do you dare to battle Anakin, or will you join him on the dark side of the Force?!

Navigate the book and learn all about key LEGO Star Wars characters, creatures, vehicles, and locations. Every page is packed full of facts, stats, and stunning photographs of LEGO Star Wars sets, minifigures, vehicles, and characters. Once you reach an ending, go back and see where the paths will take you next time!

LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path comes with a cool LEGO Star Wars minifigure to join you on your adventures through the galaxy.


LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs Available Again at 99 Cents Only Stores

LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack (71349)

Last year around this time, 99 Cents Only Stores started carrying various LEGO Dimensions including Fun Packs and Team Packs. It looks like they’re doing it again this year as a number of stores around the country are selling them again for only $1.99 each which is a great deal on some retired and soon to be retired expansion packs. All of the packs are still currently working even though LEGO Dimensions has been officially cancelled but there will be no new content. It seems that the 99 Cents stores have different inventories so I can say for sure which store has what so you’ll have to check out what your location has.


LEGO Boost Ninjago Stormbringer (70652) Product Demonstration

Back at the 2018 New York Toy Fair, LEGO showed off some new products and one of the new things that I haven’t seen much of on other outlets is a product demonstration of the LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer (70652). We already know that it will be available on August 1 for $39.99 but over on Pixel Dan’s channel, there’s a live demonstration of the set. When you connect it with LEGO Boost (17101), you can program the Stormbringer to do a variety of functions including leg movement, head and movement, and even roaring sounds. The set looks a little crude but it does bring kids in to teach them the basics of programming with LEGO Boost and the Stormbringer is the first of hopefully many more add-ons to the base system.


LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary Initial Look

LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary

We haven’t talked about any LEGO books in quite a while but it looks like there’s now an image of the upcoming LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary that is slated to come out later this year. It is basically an updated version of the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes: Batman Visual Dictionary but this book will include pretty much everything LEGO DC-related that has been released from the past few years. You’ll also notice the blank space for an exclusive super hero minifigure which is basically the main draw for most fans. There’s no word yet on who this character is but hopefully it’s somebody that we haven’t gotten before. Chances are it’s another variant of an existing character but it’s fun to guess. Who do you think this exclusive minifigure will be?

Anyways, you can now pre-order the book on Amazon and it’ll be released on September 4. You also get the Amazon pre-order price guarantee where if the price drops after you place your order before the release date, you’ll only pay the lowest price that it’s offered at.

Celebrate the entire world of LEGO® DC Super Heroes with this comprehensive visual guide to all the minifigures, vehicles and sets, including the LEGO BATMAN MOVIE sets.Explore every detail of LEGO Batman’s Batcave, look around Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, examine Lex Luthor’s awesome mech and find out about all the LEGO DC Super Heroes minifigures’ weapons and gadgets. Find out how the awesome sets and amazing video games are created in the Beyond the Brick chapter, which features concept art and an interview with a LEGO designer. LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary will tell you everything there is to know about LEGO DC Super Heroes.The book comes with an exciting exclusive LEGO DC Super Heroes minifigure! Zap! Pow! ©2018 The LEGO Group.TM & ©DC Comics

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LEGO Speed Champions Ford Fiesta WRC (75885) Review

LEGO Speed Champions Ford Fiesta WRC (75885)

The second 2018 LEGO Speed Champions set that I’ll be taking a look at is the other Ford in the wave, the Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC (75885). This set has 203 pieces and will probably retail for $14.99 if LEGO follows the pricing model of the single car sets.

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LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404) Polybag Coming to Toys R Us

LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404)

If you missed out on the LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404) polybag back during the Valentine’s Day only promotion on [email protected], don’t worry as Toys R Us will be carrying it very soon. While at work today, I came across a box of them that was misshipped to my store which was actually supposed to go to a Toys R Us location. The polybag will retail for $3.99 each and the item number for it is 564017. There’s no word yet on when it will be available.

LEGO Friends Friendship Flower (30404)


LEGO 60th Anniversary 10 Foot Brick Mini Documentary

Last month, LEGO celebrated the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick by placing a large-scale model of the red 2×4 in the middle of New York. They’ve also released a mini documentary of how the master builders transported the brick to the Flatiron District location. The video was released last week but due to the hooplah of the 2018 New York Toy Fair, it was overlooked. It’s cool to see these kinds of videos and if you didn’t know, LEGO has a secondary channel where they post these behind the scenes stuff.

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