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LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) & Houses of the World 1 (40583) Promotions Live on LEGO Shop

There are some now promotions that are now live on the LEGO Shop which include the Year of the Rabbit (40575) and Houses of the World 1 (40583). You can get the rabbit with purchases of $85 or more while the houses require a $250 purchase. There’s also the Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack (40605) with a $50 purchase.

Keep in mind that the Houses of the World is a whole collection as there are three more coming later this year, most likely with the same price threshold.

Remember to use Rakuten to earn some cash back on your purchases. Make sure to activate the extension before you complete your purchase to get credit for it.

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LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) Official Images

The official images of the upcoming LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) gift-with-purchase set are now available on the LEGO Shop. The promotion will run from January 15-25 with purchases of $85/€85/£80 online and in stores.

Like with the previous Chinese Zodiac animal sets, it will also include a red envelope as well. The front of it will have the same design as the box and the back has a yellow embossed printing of the rabbit.

If you’ve been collecting them, we’re getting pretty close to completing 12 animals as there are three left with the dragon, snake, and horse coming in the next few years.

LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) Revealed

LEGO Japan has revealed the LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) that is for the upcoming Chinese/Lunar New Year promotion. Over there, you have to spend 9,900 yen to get it but it’ll most likely be a $80+ requirement here in the US. There’s no word yet on when it will be available here but it’s usually around the beginning of the year.

Free LEGO Year of the Tiger Minifigure at LEGO Stores

I’ve recently gotten a few emails regarding a LEGO Year of the Tiger minifigure that LEGO stores are giving out free to kids and there is now a image of what it looks like. It is to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the minifigure features a kid with a printed tiger face with printed torso and tail. The cap with the ears is also printed and removable as well. I’ve been told that it is the same as the one from the October 2020 Build a Minifigure. Either way, it’s a free minifigure that doubles up for the Year of the Tiger. Depending on how much traffic your store had since they started, they might or might not have any left over. Were you able to get one?

**Via Reddit**

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) Available at Walmart – January 2022

For those who missed the Zavvi offer the other day, Walmart is also selling the LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) as a standalone set. It is also retailing for $9.99 and it is still currently a gift with purchase promo over on the LEGO Shop where you have to spend $85 to get it.

I thought the Zavvi pre-order was just a fluke as a brand new GWP set isn’t supposed to be sold separately, especially since it just got released, but if Walmart is also selling them, does this mean that we can just buy upcoming GWPs in the future? We’ll see next month when that promo goes live, whenever that is. Thanks to Gordon for the heads up.

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LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) Pre-Order on Zavvi

The LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) promotional set went live today on the LEGO Shop but if you have nothing to purchase, Zavvi seems to be selling it as a standalone set for $9.99. They are taking pre-orders for it and it will be released on January 28. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a brand new promo set being on sale at another retailer but I took a chance and ordered a few for my family to see if it works.

As a Zavvi Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) Review

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

The LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) promotion is now live on the LEGO Shop and you can get it for free with purchases of $85 or more, while supplies last. Coming in at 193 pieces, it continues the line of the Chinese New Year zodiac animals which started with these particular style and is the 8th one in the line if you don’t count the Year of the Snake (10250) which was a different style.

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

Similar to previous years, the box uses the front flap design and when you open it up, you also get an envelope to gift to another person if you like.

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

As for the tiger build itself, it is mostly static with the articulation only coming from the ears and the tail. This year’s build is a little bit more boring than other years but the cute, cartoony style is still there. You also get a small display stand that it can sit on.

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

Overall the LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) is a fun little set that I looked forward to getting to add to my zodiac animal collection. For 2023, it’ll be the Year of the Rat so I’ll be looking forward to that. This promotion will run until January 27.

LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491)

Thank you to LEGO for sending in this set for me to review. The content above represents my own opinion and not the company. Review sets sent in does not guarantee a positive review.

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