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LEGO City & Creator Summer 2014 Official Images

LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train (60051)

Continuing with the reveals of the summer 2014 official images of various LEGO sets, is back with images the LEGO City and LEGO Creator themes.

Train Station (60050) – 423 pcs – $64.99

Take a taxi to the busy LEGO City Train Station, a place that never sleeps! On arrival, go up the stairs and through the opening doors. Check the time on the large clock hanging from the roof and the map of train services by the ATM. While you wait for your train, browse around the shop selling LEGO City products. Feeling hungry? Head to the kiosk and order a croissant or pizza and a drink from the menu signs hanging above the desk. Then take a seat on the clean platform, enjoy your snack and relax. Includes 5 minifigures: conductor, chef, taxi driver and 2 travelers.

LEGO City Train Station (60050)

LEGO City Train Station (60050)

High-speed Passenger Train (60051) – 610 pcs – $149.99

Travel around the city in no time with the motorized LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train! Operate the 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control to power around the curved tracks at top speed. This streamlined, super-efficient train has a high-speed front profile and electricity contact points on top. Lift off the roof of the front car to place the driver inside at the cool dashboard and open the passenger cars to access the seats and tables. Wait for the train with the traveler at the way station, and pedal safely across the crossing with the cyclist once the train has gone past. Includes 3 minifigures: train driver, traveler and


Various LEGO Summer Sets at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014

Here’s some images from various summer wave LEGO sets from Fedro’s photostream including City, Creator, Friends, Hero Factory, and Ninjago.

Ultra Agents Mission HQ (71065) – 1048 pcs

LEGO City Arctic Helicrane (60034)

Arctic Outpost (60035) – 374 pieces

Uncover secrets of the ice in the LEGO® City Arctic Outpost including truck, trailer and hi-tech mobile laboratory with all-terrain vehicle.

Investigate remote polar areas with the awesome LEGO® City Arctic Outpost!

Drive out into remote areas with the mobile LEGO® City Arctic Outpost and investigate the secrets of the ice in its high-tech laboratory! The truck’s powerful engine and massive tires means it can cope with the toughest conditions. Pull out the box of too Investigate remote polar areas with the awesome LEGO® City Arctic Outpost!

Arctic Base Camp (60036) – 735 pieces

Lead a mission from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp with laboratory, conveyor belt, scooter, husky sled, tracked vehicle, helicopter and more.

Plan and go on the ultimate expedition from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp!

Head out into the wilds and set up the hi-tech LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp to explore the secrets of the ice! Set out on major expeditions with the snow scooter and husky sled team. Investigate the secrets of the ice with the powerful tracked exploration Plan and go on the ultimate expedition from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp!

LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe (31026) – 1023 pcs – $89.99

The LEGO® Creator Bike Shop & Café is packed with exciting, imaginative details and can rebuild into an


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