LEGO Dimensions Supergirl

Remember back in April when an image of Supergirl came out for LEGO Dimensions? Well it looks like we now have information on how to get the minifigure. Earlier today for Gamescom 2016, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released details on how to get Supergirl for LEGO Dimensions and they have sent over assets including in-game images.

It turns out that Supergirl will be an exclusive bonus for the Playstation 4 Starter Pack (71171) starting on September 27. Obviously, this is a terrible announcement for people who already purchased the Playstation 4 Starter Pack or for those with other systems. People will most likely not be spending more money on another Starter Pack just to get the minifigure so the secondary market will definitely benefit from it. There’s no doubt that many fans will not agree to this move and hopefully we’ll be able to get Supergirl in a separate expansion pack but that probably doesn’t seem likely. You can now pre-order the LEGO Dimensions PS4 Starter Pack with the Supergirl minifigure over on Amazon and it will be released the same day that the Year 2, Wave 6 expansion packs are available.

“Introducing the Supergirl from Krypton!”

Supergirl LEGO Minifigure Added as Exclusive Bonus
in LEGO® Dimensions™ Starter Packs for PlayStation®4

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed today at Gamescom that starting in late September 2016, LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs for Sony PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system will include an exclusive, bonus DC Comics Supergirl LEGO minifigure for a limited time. The highly collectable Supergirl LEGO minifigure has