There are now official images of the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Venom Crawler (76163) set. It has 413 pieces and will retail for only $29.99 which is a little surprising. The set features a Venom spider mech and a small buggy but the main attraction are the minifigures which includes Spider-Man, Carnage, and Iron Venom which is a Venomized version of the character. If you’re not familiar with the Venomized comic series, the symbiotes have chosen various heroes and villains to bond with and it’s actually a pretty good series. Hopefully LEGO continues with the Venomized line as we can get newer version of the characters. The Venom Crawler will be available on March 1.

With LEGO® Marvel Avengers Venom Crawler (76163) young superheroes can team up with Spider-Man to take on both Carnage and archenemy Venom, who is at the controls of his monstrous Venom Crawler! Cool action vehicles and minifigures Behold, the Venom Crawler! With 8 movable legs and a rear stud shooter, this reinforced battle machine makes an awesome adversary. Even worse – the alien Symbiote at the controls has contaminated Iron Man to become Iron Venom! Spider-Man rides to the rescue in his Spider Buggy, armed with 2 stud shooters. But to make things even more challenging for our favorite webslinger, the evil Carnage jumps into the action with his battle maze weapon. Playsets for superheroes! LEGO Marvel Avengers building toys take kids to a universe of imaginative role-play excitement. With awesome vehicles, mechs, buildings, minifigures, weapons and gadgets, young superheroes can recreate