Tax season is coming up here in the US so this is fairly relevant. A UK company called Qubic Tax wanted something to liven their office. They commissioned this project to creative consulting firm, Acrylicize, to come up with something that revolved around the “Tax” theme. They got together and figured something out that would best fit the vision Qubic wanted. What better way to represent this vision is to make a wall filled with LEGO minifigures. Why minifigures? They characterize the population in that people have many different jobs, but all of them have something similar: Everyone pays taxes. So Acrylicize spent a weekend putting together this evenly-spaced 1200 minifigure piece and hung it up. Finding 1200 different LEGO minifigs must have taken a lot of planning as well. Nobody likes to pay taxes but at least this adds a playful mood to a serious matter. After seeing this, now I want something like this at my office too.

**Via Bit Rebels via Bricktopia**