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LEGO Build with Chrome – Nyan Cat

Yesterday, I did a post of a new application from LEGO and Google called Build. My good friend Erica, from, has created a model of Nyan Cat using Build. From what I see, it looks really amazing even though there were only limited colors for her to use. If you didn’t know it was made with LEGO bricks, you’d probably thought it was a real picture of Nyan Cat. Head over to Build today, create something, and you may get featured.


LEGO Build With Chrome Application

Today, while listening to Damond Nollan’s podcast on Room 3026 Live, I learned about this new application by Google called Build with Chrome. Google Australia and LEGO joined up to create an app which allows users to create a virtual property with a click of your mouse. You begin with a map of Australia and New Zealand and given a 32×32 plot of land to create your masterpiece. From there, you are given 12 different bricks and plates in 10 different colors to work with. There is also a door and a window to complete your house. From my testing, your structure can be 28 brick high. Once you’ve completed your model, you can submit it and wait for it to be approved, but once you’ve committed to publishing it, you cannot change or delete it. After it’s been approved, you can see your model on the map along with many other users’ creations. If you want that particular plot of land in Sydney or Queensland, you should hurry because it is first come, first served. Start having fun today with Build with Chrome and watch your productivity go down.


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