LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Rescue from Ra's al Ghul (76056)

There are finally official images of the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Rescue from Ra’s al Ghul (76056) which comes from Amazon Japan via Just2Good on Eurobricks. As mentioned before in a previous post, there are four minifigures in the set which includes Desert Batman, Robin, Ra’s al Ghul, and Talia al Ghul. Details of the set include a Batmobile Buggy and a very tiny part of the Lazarus Pit.

Take the enemy by surprise and crash Desert Batman’s Buggy through the gates of Ra’s al Ghul’s hideout. Draw your sword as you duel with Talia al Ghul at the top of the staircase. Evade Ra’s al Ghul jumping out of the Lazarus Pit and rescue Robin from the cell — but watch out for the swinging axe trap!

Includes 4 minifigures: Desert Batman, Ra’s al Ghul, Robin and Talia al Ghul
Features Ra’s al Ghul’s secret headquarters and Desert Batman’s Buggy
Secret headquarters features 2 opening gates for Desert Batman’s Buggy to smash through, a winding staircase with a green diamond-style element and lever-operated swinging axe trap, Lazarus Pit area with translucent-green liquid-style element, a catapult to launch Ra’s al Ghul into battle, and a prison cell for Robin with exploding door function
Buggy features 2 stud shooters and weapon holders for Desert Batman’s Batarang and sword
Weapons include Desert Batman’s sword and Batarang, Talia al Ghul’s sword, Ra’s al Ghul’s sword, Robin’s fighting stick and an axe
Accessory elements include Desert Batman’s mask and cape, Ra’s al Ghul’s cape and a black