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Beautiful LEGO: Wild! Book Review

Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

In my next book review, I have Mike Doyle’s latest addition to his Beautiful LEGO series with Beautiful LEGO: Wild!. The book has 232 pages and retails for $24.95 and is scheduled to be released on September 25th. This book includes the latest curated collection of LEGO art showcasing work by artists in the LEGO community. If you remember, there was a call for entries back in February and people submitted their creations in hopes they would be chosen to be included in the book.

The cover of Beautiful LEGO: Wild! is made of the thicker cardboard that we’re used to by now and mainly features the Rainbow Lorikeet bt Gabriel Thomson. The back also has some smaller images highlighting some more builds that you can expect to see in the book. The inside flap gives a synopsis of what the book is about.

Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

Scenes from nature spring to life in Mike Doyle’s latest curated collection of LEGO art, Beautiful LEGO: Wild! From botanical marvels to adorable critters—such as a sea otter family made from 3,500 LEGO pieces—every page is sure to delight the artist and naturalist in all of us.

Interviews with LEGO masters from around the world give you a glimpse into the inspiration behind these incredible works of art. Discover amazing landscapes, insects, mythical creatures, and more, all within the enchanting pages of Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

Like with Mike’s previous books, the chapters are separated into small chapters with the contributors section (index) at the end. Intermingled between the chapters are some … Continue

No Starch Press Introduces Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

No Starch Press has just sent out the official press release for Mike Doyle’s latest book, Beautiful LEGO: Wild!. This is Mike’s third book in the Beautiful LEGO series that showcases nature-inspired LEGO artwork from artists in the LEGO community. You can also pre-order Beautiful LEGO: Wild! on Amazon. Check out the press release below.

San Francisco, CA (June 19, 2015) — Hailed as a “stunning array” by TODAY and “a feast for the senses” by Wired, the Beautiful LEGO series is back with a new collection of breathtaking art. The highly anticipated Beautiful LEGO: Wild! (No Starch Press, $24.95, 232 pp., September 2015) is brimming with imaginative and vibrant masterpieces from the most talented LEGO builders in the world.

From adorable pets and marine critters to magnificent arboreal landscapes, the creations in Beautiful LEGO: Wild! are sure to delight the artist, naturalist, and LEGO enthusiast in everyone.

Interviews with LEGO masters give readers an exclusive look into the minds behind the art. For featured builder Sean Kenney, creating art with LEGO is more than just connecting pieces—it’s capturing the essence of a subject: “It has to have life. My sculptures need to be rooted in personal expression.” One of Kenney’s pieces, Monarch, is made from more than 60,000 LEGO pieces.

Tom Poulsom, whose amazing bird sculptures became an official LEGO set this year, explains the appeal of working in such an unusual medium. “To me, LEGO is the best puzzle in the world. There are infinite combinations, and it’s possible to create pretty


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