If you’re an avid user of the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), you would know that the program lacks a proper building instruction feature. This is where Eurobricks member msx80 comes in. They have posted a LEGO building instruction generator program called Blueprint which takes your LXF file and generates building steps while using the LDD group definitions. There you can adjust the steps by moving them around, adding more steps, and more. After you’re satisfied with the instructions, you can generate and save the pages as image files.

Blueprint is still in beta but it works fairly well. With that being said, there are still some limitations with the program such as no undo button and some multipart pieces may not work as intended. You can read more of the limitations in the link thread above.

Requirements for using Blueprint include having Java 8 with revision 8u40 or better, Opengl 3.2 or higher, and LDD. This may sound sophisticated but if you have the latest drivers and updates for your system, you should probably already have everything that’s need to run the program. When you click the link above to download it, your anti-virus program may block it but I tested it and it works fine.