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Introducing Brick Classifieds – A New LEGO Marketplace to Buy and Sell LEGO Items

If you’ve ever visited BrickPicker before, you would know that you can get gauge the value of your LEGO sets by using their tools. Our friends Jeff and Ed have now started a new marketplace that you can use to sell your LEGO products. It’s called Brick Classifieds. It’s another avenue that you can use to sell your items besides on BrickLink, BrickOwl, eBay, or Amazon just to name a few. You may have probably seen their ad that’s been up on our sidebar for a few weeks now.

If you’ve ever bought or sold LEGO products before, you know that it could be a difficult process to deal with. Brick Classifieds tries to make that process a simpler one. It’s sort of a classified ad to sell your items. What makes a little unique is that some of the sellers are also BrickPicker members which has their own community of collectors and investors there. Member of the forums there are pretty cool and the mods run a pretty tight ship. You don’t have to be a member of BrickPicker to buy and/or sell items on Brick Classifieds but there are some valuable information that you can use such as set value. Also with every item listed, it’s required to have an actual photo of the item because stock photos are not allowed.

Buying off of Brick Classifieds is pretty straightforward and similar to other secondary markets like BrickLink and eBay. The buyer adds items to their cart and pays with Paypal. The items will … Continue

BrickPicker Introduces Brick Classifieds

Have you been trying to sell your LEGO sets online but feeling the pain of the high fees involved in selling them? These expensive fees from different online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon take away from the profits that should really be in your pockets. BrickPicker might have the solution for you. Today, the guys over there introduced Brick Classifieds, a system that could help revolutionize how people buy and sell LEGO online.

First of all, you are able to advertise your listings for on the site itself. This allows other members to easily find what they are looking for without having to go to another website. The main reason and might be the biggest reason to use Brick Classifieds is that there are no expensive fees involved. This low cost fee (usually a dollar or less) allows you to sell your sets for a fraction of what the other marketplaces, such as eBay or Amazon, charge. But wait there’s more! With this system, there are no expensive commissions after you make the sale. In addition, there are also some other benefits with the system including shipping calculators and a feedback system to rate your transactions.

Although the Brick Classifieds system isn’t a direct competition to eBay or Amazon, it is another avenue that users can take to sell their LEGO products online. Check out the video below that Ed and Jeff have created to learn more about Brick Classifieds or read more about it on their forum.


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