Today the folks over at Brick Innovations has launched a new Kickstarter featuring their whole product line of LEGO storage and display solutions including building tables, cabinets, and display shelves.

Brick BOSS Table

Brick Build, Organize, and Storage Solution (BOSS) Table combines both a building table as well as a brick storage solution in a single cabinet. There are four extra large drawers that were “designed to be shallow, allowing all the bricks to be seen at once.” Each drawer is equipped with the LEGO drawer knobs and can fit 20,000 bricks. There are also 8 dividers included to create 12 sections.

Brick BOSS Table Executive Edition

Similar to the regular Brick BOSS Table, the Executive Edition has extensions on either side of the table which allows more building space. It can be used with chairs (not included) if you desire.

The Brick Showcase Cabinet

The Brick Showcase Cabinet allows you to display your LEGO creations in an organized way. There are pull-out drawers for easy access to the content.

Minifigure Shelf

The Minifigure Shelf allows you to display your minifigures with minimal space. There are official LEGO plates which come in a variety of colors. As you can see from my image below, it can easily fit 16 minifigures (not included) but you can probably put more on with some tinkering. The wood seems pretty sturdy and the minifigures sit pretty comfortably on it. Wall mounting hardware is also included so you don’t have to worry about getting your own but I didn’t get any … Continue