Some of you may have known that I went to Philly Brick Fest this past weekend and there I had the pleasure of meeting former LEGO employees Megan Rothrock and James Foulds. They were at the event to promote their new book Construct-a-Venture: Building Tales with Syd and Friends! which is a somewhat unique LEGO book that I haven’t seen that much of. It is a story book along with building instructions for some of the builds shown in the book. You can check out Megan talking about her new book from the Beyond the Brick livestream from Saturday.

Constuct-a-Venture: Building Tales with Syd and Friends! is available now on Amazon for $7.99.

Join Syd and Friends as they introduce you to their world of imaginative play! As you follow their adventures, building tips and instructions are included to inspire young builders. Utilizing a unique character design and a brick-built scale to match, the stories cover a varied selection of environments. Readers will discover this book light-hearted and fun to follow. Weaving story and brick building, we hope to encourage children to create their own stories and play activities with the bricks they have at home!