Last month, Masashi Togami revealed that he and Team BTTF will be releasing more Back to the Future related sets to be added to LEGO CUUSOO in the next few months. Today, Sakuretsu has posted a few preliminary images of Doc Brown’s GMC Value Van. It is the white van that is used to transport the DeLorean Time Machine at the Twin Pines Mall. On the side of the van, it has the wording “DR. E. BROWN ENTERPRISES — 24 HR. SCIENTIFIC SERVICES. The images also show a smaller DeLorean that is able to fit inside the van. Some other things that are shown in the images are Marty and Doc in their radiation suits with Einstein. Marty is holding the video camera that was used to record Doc’s experiment of the temporal displacement. Doc is seen holding plutonium that he took from the Libyan nationalists. Just from seeing the images, I feel that this will be a popular project on CUUSOO when it is submitted later this month.