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Nexon Creating LEGO RPG Mobile Game

Nexon, who makes some very popular role-playing MMO games like MapleStory and Dragon Nest, will be collaborating with LEGO and TT Games to create a new LEGO RPG mobile game for Android and iOS devices. This new RPG will be based on various LEGO themes including Ninjago. Nexon president and CEO stated:

“LEGO is among the most wildly successful and iconic brands of our time, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with TT Games to bring Lego-based online games to mobile gamers. Players can look forward to the fun and unique game experiences that Nexon is known for, along with the Lego characters they have come to love. This agreement is the most recent example of Nexon’s ongoing quest for creative, new ideas for great games, both through our own development and by partnering with other creators of world-class IP.”

Nexon has somewhat been involved with LEGO since 2013 when founder Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim purchased BrickLink and his team has been making changes to the site since to make it more updated. The new LEGO RPG is expected to be released in 2016 and will initially be available in Asia which is the norm if you’ve play any Nexon games before. I’ve personally played both MapleStory and Dragon Nest and I can say that they are very addicting games so hopefully this new LEGO game will follow in their footsteps.

**Via Venture Beat**


LEGO Hero Factory Set Images From ToyArk

LEGO Hero Factory also gets to have the theme showcased at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. ToyArk is there to provide some images of the summer sets. These sets also give various bonuses to the Brain Attack game.

SURGE (44008) – $12.99


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