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LEGO Overwatch GameStop Ganymede Building Instructions

Yesterday, GameStop stores held a LEGO Overwatch Ganymede building event to promote the upcoming wave of sets. It was for the classic yellow version of the bird which is the exact same build as from the LEGO Overwatch Play Event from the beginning of the year with the only difference is with the colors. If you’re looking for the instructions for the GameStop Ganymede, a reader has sent in scans of the build. You can also download the PDF here if you want. Thank you to saneps for sending it in.


LEGO Overwatch Ganymede Building Instructions

LEGO Overwatch Ganymede

If you missed out on the LEGO Overwatch Play Event yesterday, I have provided the building instructions and parts list for the Ganymede build. None of the parts of exclusive but there are some very rare parts including the lime green 2×2 wing plates as those are only available with Rex’s Rexplorer! (70835). Until more of them are more widely available, I suggest changing to a different skin using other colors for the wings. Click through the images to get a larger view of the instructions.

LEGO Overwatch Ganymede


LEGO Overwatch Ganymede Play Event Revealed

LEGO Overwatch Play Event Ganymede

January 1 marks the release of the LEGO Overwatch sets and to celebrate, LEGO will be holding a LEGO Overwatch Play Event on January 23. Today, they have revealed what the event will consist of which will be a spray hunt event in stores. There will be sprays hidden throughout the store and you’ll have to find them and show your checklist to get Ganymede to build and take home. Signups start on January 1 and builders must be between ages 6-14. Check out more details below. Thanks to Noah for the heads up!

Some of your favorite Overwatch heroes have been protecting the LEGO® Store and have left their sprays behind. We need your help to search throughout the store to figure out which characters have been here!

Find the sprays and mark each one you find, then show your checklist to a Brick Specialist and build and take home your own FREE Ganymede model!

Event takes place in stores January 23, 2019. To participate, you must sign up in stores beginning January 1, 2019. Builders must be between the ages of 6-14 to participate.


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