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Geoffrey’s Toy Box to be in Kroger Stores

Last month, it was revealed that Toys R Us was rebranded as Geoffrey’s Toy Box. It is basically a store-in-a-store concept and the first stores will be in a large Midwest retailer. My original guess was Meijer but it was announced that Kroger will be store that will have the first Geoffrey’s Toy Box. Starting this month, Kroger supermarkets will start to get displays with the Geoffrey branding and with it are a small selection of toys. There are currently no big brands on the portfolio including LEGO but we’ll see if this concept will eventually bring the bigger brands to the stores.


Toys R Us Rebranded as Geoffrey’s Toy Box

Just a few months after Toys R Us declared bankruptcy and closed all of their stores here in the US, it looks like they have planned a comeback as soon as next month. Now going under the name of Geoffrey’s Toy Box, they are planning to open store-in-a-store shops and the first ones will reportedly be in a large Midwest retailer. My guess is that it could be in some Meijer stores since they are pretty popular in that part of the country.

This news may sound great as we do need a dedicated toy store but it also doesn’t sit well with some, mainly former employees. As one of those employees, I along with about 33,000 others lost our jobs with no severance pay while the the executives got paid bonuses. I honestly don’t care much about it anymore because I had something lined up before I left but it did leave a bitter taste in my mouth with how everything went down. From what I read, they are trying to rehire some of the former employees in the new stores so that’s good news I suppose. If I was somehow invited back, I most likely won’t be going back because it won’t be the same as before.

It’s still hard to say what Geoffrey’s Toy Box could be at this time. Most likely there will probably be some LEGO sold there but not to the extent of what TRU used to have. We’ll have to see if this new venture pans out or not … Continue

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