The Grandma Visitor minifigure is obviously Little Red Riding Hood. LEGO probably couldn’t call her that maybe because of licensing. Other than the name, everything else about her screams Little Red Riding Hood. She has a red color scheme throughout the figure. The hood is solid red which is probably the first time we’ve seen it in red. Her cape is also solid red but this one is a little smaller than the ones I’ve seen before. Since, she is a little girl, she gets the solid red legs. For Grandma Visitor’s accessory, she get a basket which is a bendy rubber piece to bring over to Grandma. You can also store a piece of food (not included) assuming that it’s small enough to fit. To search for this minifig, the short legs are a dead giveaway as she is the only one to have those legs in Series 7.

Grandma Visitor

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 7 (8831)