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LEGO Classic Walmart 60th Anniversary Sets Limited to 5000 Each (Update)

The two exclusive limited edition LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary sets from Walmart that have been released so far have been a hit or a miss for fans as they don’t seem to be worth the cost of the sets however that doesn’t stop people from purchasing them. If you’ve already received your sets already, you may have noticed that there is a numbered sticker on them to signify the limited quantities for them and it looks like we now know how many of the sets were produced and it’s not that many.

According to an image shown on Reddit, LEGO customer service has confirmed there are only 5,000 of each of the three sets and there will be no more produced after this run. This means that if you weren’t able to get them when they are released on the first day, you’re probably out of luck unless you turn to the secondary market where flippers are basically selling them for double the retail price.

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As for the sets themselves, you’re most likely buying them for collectability reasons and not to build them as you can probably recreate them using the LEGO parts from your collection. I’m still waiting for my sets to come in as I had a scare when Walmart told me they were backordered but it seems they both shipped out yesterday. The last set is the Truck (4000030) and will be available in a few days.

Update: I’ve personally emailed LEGO customer … Continue

LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive House (4000028) Available Online

LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive House (4000028)

The limited edition Walmart exclusive LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary House (4000028) is now available for purchase online. It has 64 pieces and retails for $19.97 but then again, you’re probably not buying it to open and build. From what I know, this set is only available online and you can also get it at

The next set that will be the Windmill (4000029) and that will be available starting on Monday, February 5.


LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive Sets Revealed

LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive House (4000028)

Walmart will have some exclusive limited edition vintage packaged LEGO sets to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick. There are three sets that will be available in the near future including the House (4000028), the Windmill (4000029), and a truck. All of the sets are priced at $19.99 each and collectors will most likely keep them in the boxes as they are pretty simple builds using common parts.

To go along with these sets, there’s also a promotion in which you can get a FREE collectible booklet and retro building instructions with a purchase of the LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll (10715) set. Walmart will have an exclusive vintage packaged version of the set which you can see below.

Update: Added the image of the Truck (4000030).

LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive Windmill (4000029)

LEGO Classic 60th Anniversary Walmart Exclusive Truck (4000030)

LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll (10715)

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