In April, it was revealed that LEGO would be releasing Level 4 of the Master Builder Academy (MBA) called Invention Designer (20215). From the initial images, the set would be based on a steampunk design. The Invention Designer set contains 675 pieces and retails for $79.99 which is about $0.12/piece. The contents of the set include three high-quality and very in-depth instruction booklets, three numbered bags, one unnumbered bag, and a black tool belt – 17M. Each book corresponds to each bag and will let you build from a particular theme. For Kit 10, you will be building a Time Machine and other springboard models using the same pieces. The book itself gives you a back story of steampunk and various building techniques that you may or may not already know about. LEGO Designer Mark Stafford takes you through the various builds that are available with the Time Machine theme.

LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (20215) LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (20215)