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LEGO Ideas Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) Teaser

LEGO has posted a teaser image of the Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) set over on their Facebook Page and other social media pages. This probably means that we should be getting the official reveal any time now even though it seems like we’ve been waiting forever for it. It’ll be available on April 1st and we already know the details of the set like it having 769 pieces and will retail for $69.99. Rumor has it that it’ll look very similar to the LEGO Ideas project with very small changes. Stay tuned for the reveal.


LEGO Ideas Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) Set Details

There hasn’t been much information about the upcoming Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) set since it was announced that it would be the next official LEGO Ideas set but Just2Good has shared some new information about it. It’ll be available in April and will have 769 pieces. This will be the largest CUUSOO/Ideas set that LEGO has produced and the pricing will reflect that retailing for $69.99. In terms of the design of the set, J2G has mentioned that it’ll pretty much look like the set submitted on Ideas, seen above, except that that it’ll have bricks instead of Technic parts for the walls. We should be getting official details of the Labyrinth Marble Maze either in February or March.


Labyrinth Marble Maze Announced as Next Official LEGO Ideas Set

LEGO Ideas has just announced the results of the Third 2014 LEGO Ideas Review Stage and the next project to become an official set is the Labyrinth Marble Maze by JKBrickworks. As a result, it is the first board game type project to become an official set. As a kid, I remember playing with the original wooden Labyrinth game and this brings back tons of memories. Soon a new generation of kids with get to enjoy this classic game as well.

LEGO is also still considering the Star Citizen F7A Hornet so we could again potentially see two sets becoming official sets from this review stage. As you can see, there were many projects that were worthy of becoming an official LEGO set but alas there could only be one winner (maybe two).

The First 2015 LEGO Review Stage is currently going on and the results of those projects (shown below) are expected to be announced this fall. Around that same time period, more details of The Big bang Theory, Doctor Who, and WALL•E sets will be revealed as well.


LEGO Ideas Labyrinth Marble Maze Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The Labyrinth Marble Maze by Jason Allemann (JKBrickworks) is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The project is based on the original BRIO Labyrinth game which was released back in 1946. If you’re an old man like me, you’ve probably have played it before.

The project itself is an interchangeable maze system which allows you to customize the maze to your liking. Jason has also designed a number of themed mazes as well so it gives you some variety in gameplay.

The Labyrinth Marble Maze now joins the Avengers Helicarrier in the third review stage of 2014. Congratulations to Jason for this achievement! The next highest supported project on LEGO Ideas is now The Goonies 30th Anniversary – The Inferno.


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