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LEGO Lead User Lab Details

A few months ago, LEGO announced they are launching a new program called the Lead User Lab. This program will bring in ideas from LEGO fans themselves and potentially bringing them to life. LEGO has released a FAQ over on the LEGO Ambassador Network of some details on how the Lead User Lab will work. If you have some ideas that you would like LEGO to do, this may be of interest to you.

We’re happy to let you know that the Lead User Lab kicked-off in August. It’s early days, so you probably have a bunch of questions that need more clarity – what it is, what ideas we’re looking to incubate, what’s in it for you, ways of working, and more. Below you’ll find a quick FAQ. If we missed anything you’re curious about, let us know!

What are we up to next?

In the coming weeks, we’ll focus on fundamentals of the idea intake process and how to evaluate and prioritize them. At this stage, we’re also assessing the ideas we’ve received via email over the summer, since we first revealed the Lead User Lab on the LAN blog. We’ll let everyone know as soon as possible about the outcomes and whether we can continue with any of them in the stretching/incubation phase. High level, the Lead User Lab funnel looks like this: (1) Idea intake – (2) Stretching/Incubation – (3) Piloting – (4) Idea realization.

Lead User Lab – FAQ

1. What is the Lead User Lab?

It’s a 2 year pilot


LEGO Launching Lead User Lab in August

LEGO will be launching a new program this August called the Lead User Lab which will bring ideas from LEGO fans and potentially bringing them to life. If you have a brilliant idea but don’t know how to execute it, this program may be the solution. Some of these ideas could include complementary add-ons to the LEGO building system, digital experiences, and also marketplaces. Learn more about the Lead User Lab below.

The Lead User Lab will aim to capture new-to-the-company ideas, evaluate their potential and bring them to life in new ways.

Planned to start in August, the Lead User Lab pilot project sets out to build a unique innovation model for the LEGO Group, capturing, evaluating and nurturing ideas from the brilliant and creative minds of LEGO fans and Lead Users among adult LEGO users.

Co-creating these future innovations will set the ground for developing investigate new opportunity areas which might include complementary add-ons to the LEGO building system, digital experiences and even marketplaces, imagined by the Lead Users, and brought to scale by the LEGO Group.

Kari Vinther Nielsen, Head of Lead User Lab at the LEGO Group said:
“Innovation is often something you don’t know you need. Lead Users often create this future – they react to trends and come up with ingenious solutions to problems we perhaps didn’t even know we had! We want to capture this brilliance and ingenuity of Lead Users in a systematic way, explore the high potential ideas and co-create to expand the LEGO idea in ways


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