A few weeks ago, Josh Hanlon from Beyond the Brick was able to attend LEGO Fan Media Days and he has given LEGO fans a look at something that most of us probably won’t be able to see in real life, the LEGO Archive Vault, aka Memory Lane. It is located under the LEGO Idea House and it contains almost every single LEGO set that has been produced. Attendees of the LEGO Inside Tour are also able to check it out.

LEGO designers and other employees also go down to the Vault to do research or reminisce about their childhood. Since LEGO adds to the Vault every year, that means that they are running out of room and will soon have to move it to another location. You’ll notice that in the beginning of the film, Josh notes that there are already upcoming sets that haven’t been released yet that are already on the shelves which is blocked off.

If you have half a hour to spare, I highly recommend you taking a look at the video as there are lots of cool stuff that were shown off. Did you see sets that you have/had that were from your childhood?