Keith Severson of the LEGO CEE Team recently shared the following information to LEGO Ambassadors regarding the free LEGO CLUB Magazine. Starting in September in parts of Europe, CLUB members who are older than 13 years old will no longer be enrolled in the subscription. In November, all of Europe will be subjected to the same regulation and in 2015, the rest of the world will be following the same rules.

The magazine will now focus its distribution to children 12 years old and younger. AFOLs who still want the magazine can get it at LEGO Stores although it’s a slight inconvenience. For me, I mostly enjoy the different comic that are included in the magazines.

Check out the email that was sent out below and leave a comment to share your thoughts on this change. Although I’m not a LEGO Ambassador, maybe LEGO can see some of the readers’ comments and pass them along.

I have recently have had a dialog with the LEGO CLUB team. They are taking a new step in the CLUB Magazine which is resulting in some changes, specifically affecting adult subscribers.

Coming in the September release in EUC (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) all CLUB members who are older than 13 years old will receive a notice that it is their last subscription. Then in November it will be all of Europe (November will be the 2nd launch in EUC, so DE, AT and CH only) and then starting in 2015 it will be global. The CLUB magazine will focus its