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LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-Wing (4002019) Videos

Now that the LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-Wing (4002019) employee gift is no longer a secret, LEGO has released a few videos for it. These videos include LEGO Star Wars Creative Director Jens Kronvold Frederiksen talking about the history of LEGO Star Wars and Designer Joseph Patrick Kyde doing a short designer video for the X-Wing. The other videos show LEGO Owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Chairman Jorgen Vig Knudstorp playing with it with some commentary. Kristiansen also talks about LEGO Star Wars being the first licensed theme and releasing the first sets back in 1999. These videos are pretty rare as LEGO doesn’t do much of these kinds but it’s nice to see them taking time to film them and releasing them for fans.


LEGO 2019 Employee Gift Revealed

LEGO employees have started getting their 2019 Christmas gift and this year’s gift is pretty cool if you’re a fan of a particular theme. Vice president of design, Matthew Ashton, has shared an image on Twitter of what employees will be receiving this year. Obviously there are some, including LEGO Brand Store employees, who probably haven’t gotten theirs yet so I won’t totally spoil it. I’ve included the image below but it is hidden until you decide to reveal it. It’s a pretty cool item that any employee would be glad to receive whether it be for their collection or for some extra cash for the holidays.


LEGO Seasonal Nutcracker 2017 Employee Gift (4002017) Revealed

LEGO Seasonal 2017 Employee Gift (4002017)

Every year if you’re a LEGO employee, whether at The LEGO Group or LEGO Brand Stores, the company gives an exclusive set as a holiday gift. For 2017 being the 40th anniversary of the LEGO Technic theme, this year’s Nutcracker Employee Gift (4002017) has a feature that incorporates that into the build. According to the building instructions, there’s a lever on the back of the Nutcracker to make the arms and mouth move however, it most likely will not be able to crack actual nuts.

If you’re looking to pick up one, there are plenty of sets that are listed on eBay at not so cheap prices. I would suggest waiting a year or two for the prices to drop down just a little but expect to still shell out at least $150 on it.

As an eBay Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I know this set has been shown off on social media but I wanted to wait a little longer to post it because some employees, who may be readers, may not have received their sets yet and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for them.


LEGO 2014 Employee Gift Revealed: LEGO HUB Birds (4002014)

LEGO HUB Birds (4002014)

If you don’t know, people who are lucky enough to work at LEGO are able to get some snazzy gifts that are not available to anyone else unless you find them on the secondary market. Brickset has uncovered the 2014 LEGO employee gift which has already shown up on German eBay, the LEGO HUB Birds (4002014). This 487 piece set features five different birds including a robin, crane, swan, eagle, and another bird that I can’t identify. This set would go great with the upcoming LEGO Ideas Birds (21301)icon set which will be available to everyone on January 1st. I’m also curious to what LEGO HUB is about. If you’re a LEGO employee, please comment below if you know what LEGO HUB is.

Update: The Hubs are the different LEGO offices throughout the world and the birds represent the national birds of each country: Robin (UK), Crane (China), Swan (Denmark), Eagle (USA), and Crimson Sunbird (Singapore).


LEGO Employee Gift Revealed: A LEGO Christmas Tale (4000013)

LEGO Employee Gift A LEGO Christmas Tale (4000013)

Every year, employees of The LEGO Group are given a gift in the form of a LEGO set for their hard work. This year is no different. Brickset has posted images of what employees will be getting this year, A LEGO Christmas Tale (4000013). In this 435 piece set, there are actually four small models that you can build. There is Santa’s Workshop with two elves, Santa’s sleigh with reindeer, a snowman in the middle of trees, and a Christmas fireplace scene. Overall, it’s a pretty cute set that LEGO employees will be getting and no doubt that many collectors will be wanting to get their hands on as well.

LEGO Employee Gift A LEGO Christmas Tale (4000013)


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