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LEGO Inside Tour 2020 Registration Opens Monday

Registration for the 2020 LEGO Inside Tour is set to start Monday, October 28 at 10am CET. The registration period will run until November 1 at 10am CET and the link will go live in the link above on Monday. The tour dates for 2020 have been revealed as:

May 13-15
June 10-12
August 26-28
September 9-11

The price of the tour is 14,500 DKK/~$2,155 USD per person and it includes 2 overnight stays with breakfast, catering, and entry ticket to LEGOLAND Billund. LEGO will prioritize people who haven’t attended the tour before during registration. Travel costs to Billund are not included with the price so you’ll have to add that on top of the price of the tour. As always, LEGO Inside Tour attendees will get a gift bag with includes the exclusive limited edition LEGO Inside Tour set which is different every year.


LEGO Inside Tour 2019 Registration Opens Tonight

LEGO Inside Tour

Registration for the LEGO Inside Tour will be opening starting tonight and will run for a few days. Starting at 10am CET/2am PST/5am EST, you can sign up through the registration page on the link above and it will be up until November 2 at the same time. It looks like LEGO has done away with the first-come, first-served system and will move to a lottery system which good and bad depending on how you look at it but it seems to be the most fair choice so everyone at least has a chance at it.

There are four tours for 2019 and they are as follows:

May 8-10
June 12-14
September 11-13
September 18-20

The tour isn’t cheap as tickets cost 14,500 DKK/~$2200 USD and the price includes 2 overnight stays with breakfast, catering, and entry ticket to LEGOLAND Billund. Travel costs and additional stays are not included so you’ll have to figure that price in the total as well. The price may seem quite high but everyone I’ve talked to who has attended in the past says it’s worth it. Upon leaving the LEGO Inside Tour, attendees also get a swag bag which includes the extremely limited exclusive Inside Tour set.


LEGO Inside Tour 2018 Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2018 LEGO Inside Tour has begun and it’s time to put your name on the list if you want to participate this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unlike previous years, it doesn’t look like it’s a first-come, first-served but more of a waiting listing and LEGO choosing random people. The deadline to enter is Friday, November 10 at 10am CET.

There are five tours that are available and if it’s the same as before, about 80 or so attendees are chosen for each session. The dates that you can attend are:

May 23-25
May 30-June 1
June 13-15
September 12-14
September 19-21

What is LEGO Inside Tour?

LEGO Inside Tour provides a unique look into the LEGO Group often referred to as ‘a once–in-a-lifetime experience’. You are invited inside Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s original house, featuring an extraordinary exhibition of LEGO sets and models that date back to 1934. You will meet LEGO employees and especially LEGO designers, who will introduce you to their daily work at the LEGO Group, and you will take part in a unique building experience together with LEGO designers. Part of the LEGO Inside Tour consists of a factory tour, where you can see how LEGO bricks are produced. LEGO Inside Tour also stops at the LEGO staff shop.

At the end of the tour, you will receive a unique gift exclusively produced in close cooperation with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen especially for this year’s LEGO Inside Tour participants.

The LEGO Group’s headquarters are based in Billund, Denmark, and here the LEGO Inside


LEGO Inside Tour 2015 Details Announced

Brickset has reported that LEGO has published details about next year’s LEGO Inside Tour. If you haven’t heard of the LEGO Inside Tour, it takes you on an very unique tour where you can visit Ole Kirk Christiansen’s original house, meet the LEGO designers, as well as take a look at the Billund factory. Another perk that you get from the tour is the exclusive set that is given away to attendees. This year’s set was The LEGOLAND Train (4000014).

If you’ve tried to applying for a spot on the tour before, you know that it’s extremely difficult to get in since they sell out within minutes. The LEGO Inside Tour is even harder to get in than San Diego Comic Con and I know how hard it is to get tickets to SDCC.

Registration for LEGO Inside Tour opens at 1.00 PM on Monday 3 November 2014 (Danish time)

There are four different tours that potential attendees can get in to:

5 May – 8 May
19 May – 22 May
9 June – 12 June
16 June – 19 June

The price for the tour has increased by 10% from 13,000 DKK last year to 14,500 DKK ($2500, £1500, 1900€) this year. Also, travel accommodations to Billund is NOT included so you will have to arrange that yourself.

Read more about the 2015 LEGO Inside Tour here.


LEGO Inside Tour 2014 Exclusive Set Revealed

LEGO LIT 2014 Exclusive: 4000014 LEGOLAND Train chiukeung. All Right Reserved

Every year, LEGO holds a special event called the LEGO Inside Tour in Billund, Denmark for a very few select fans. Registration for the tour usually sells out minutes after it is open for potential attendees and costs 13,000 DKK or about $2400 per person, not including airfare. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to attend the event, you are given an ultra-exclusive set to take home with you. For 2014, the LEGO Inside Tour exclusive set is The LEGOLAND Train (4000014).

The set was designed by Steen Sig Andersen and it represents the train that went around the perimeter of LEGOLAND Billund. They are numbered to 80 per tour and there are four tours per year so around 320 sets were produced total. That’s still a lot less than other LEGO exclusives such as the ones from San Diego Comic Con. For the train enthusiasts, you’ll notice that the build uses the classic train building technique.

The New Elementary has done an in-depth review on it and you can see more images of the set from CK Tsang (chiukeung). We’ll probably be seeing some of the sets hitting eBay very soon and hardcore fans will likely be paying a hefty price for it.



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