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LEGO Stranger Things Minifigure Teaser

LEGO Stranger Things Eleven Mike

LEGO isn’t fooling around today with the teaser for the upcoming LEGO Stranger Things set as they have posted a short clip which shows some of the minifigures from the show. The clip shows Eleven and Mike sitting in a room and it changes to the Upside Down with Will and the Demogorgon coming out of the background. There are still a few more teasers left until the official reveal on Wednesday, May 15 so hopefully we’ll see more little details from the set.

LEGO Stranger Things Will Demogorgon


LEGO Stranger Things Teaser #4

LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down Teaser

The LEGO Stranger Things teasers keep rolling in as NXonNetflix has released a short video of a billboard screen showing the LEGO logo turn upside down. LEGO then in turn replies with some upside down smiles. A majority of people already know what’s coming but it’s cool that LEGO is continuing with these teasers.


LEGO Stranger Things Teaser #3

Leicester Square LEGO Stranger Things

It’s another day and there are more teasers for the LEGO Stranger Things set coming next week. Yesterday, the Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store had the LEGO City sets all upside down with the caption “something STRANGE is happening.” Earlier today, LEGO’s Instagram page shows Will’s fallen bike which was shown at the beginning of the show. I expect to see more teasers for the LEGO Stranger Things set up until the reveal of it next Wednesday.


LEGO Stranger Things Teaser #2

LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down Teaser

LEGO has done another teaser for the reported LEGO Stranger Things set. In this tweet, the clip shows a phone ringing with some pictures on the wall. In the caption, they tagged NXOnNetflix which is a hub for comic book and sci-fi TV shows and movie for Netflix. There’s also a morse code that spells out COMING/SE/SOON.

In similar news, the LEGO Store Flatiron District location will also be holding an after hours launch event on Tuesday, May 14 from 9pm-11pm EDT for the set. The details of the event include:

• Be the first in the US to see and buy a new, Exclusive set
• Take part in a special building experience
• Take a selfie in front of an exclusive LEGO mural
• Hang out and engage with LEGO fans
• Enjoy refreshments in the LEGO Store!

I assume there will be a limited amount available so get there early if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the LEGO Stranger Things set.


LEGO Stranger Things Signing Event Teaser

LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down Teaser

LEGO has done another teaser for the reported LEGO Stranger Things set and it looks like their event page has pretty much confirmed it. In the blurb, it capitalizes the word STRANGE and also states one of the most popular Netflix series and even the image above shows the date upside down. The LEGO Leicester Square midnight opening event will be the release of the set and there will also be a signing by LEGO Designer Justin Ramsden. In addition, the set will be priced at £179,99.

Something STRANGE is happening at the LEGO Store Leicester Square…
ALL to be revealed at midnight, Wednesday 15th May 00.01 – 03.00.

LEGO invites you to the midnight opening:

• Be the first in Europe to see and buy the new set
• Meet the LEGO Designer, Justin Ramsden and get the set signed
• Netflix and Build – take part in a special building experience
• Hang out and engage with fans of LEGO bricks and one of the
most popular Netflix series
• Enjoy some “totally tubular” refreshments
• Last but not least… dress to impress! Show your best 80’s swag!

Some useful “How-To” for you to plan your trip accordingly:

-How much does the set cost?
-The set price will be £179,99.

-How big is the set?
-It measures over 12” (32cm) tall, 17” (44cm) wide and 8” (21cm) deep.

-How can I guarantee an access to the event?
-The event is limited to 400 participants who wish to purchase the set. Wristbands will be provided


LEGO Mystery Midnight Opening Event at Leicester Square on May 15

LEGO Classified

LEGO has teased a mystery midnight opening event at the flagship Leicester Square LEGO Brand Store. The event will be held on Wednesday May 15 from 12:01am-3am local time. Looking at the image above, there’s a classified folder but there is a clue from the photo that is paper clipped on. If you look closely, it looks like the photo shows the top of the head of somebody. I don’t know about you but it sort of looks likes the head of Mike from Stranger Things so that means the opening event could be the rumored LEGO Stranger Things theme that I talked about last month. We here in the US could also see something released that same day at LEGO Stores and on [email protected]. We shall see.


Rumored LEGO Stranger Things Set in 2019?

Here’s a new LEGO rumor that a reader has pointed me to from Brick Fanatics that may pique your interest as they are reporting that we may see a LEGO Stranger Things set coming later this year. With Season 3 of the show coming this summer on Netflix, it’s not out of the question that a releasing a set would be a smart thing to do. Brick Fanatics is reporting that the set could include a human world location and part of the Upside Down. If this is a legit set, we’ll probably see some of the kids including Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will.

On a similar note, a saw rumor fly by a few weeks ago but I sort of dismissed it but now Brick Fanatics also comes in with this piece of news. They’re a pretty reliable source of some of the more recent sets so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Don’t set your expectations too high if we don’t get a LEGO Stranger Things set. As will all rumors, they are just that until LEGO themselves start teasing them or officially announces it.

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