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LEGO Magnets London (854012) & Empire State Building (854030) Review

LEGO Magnets London (85402) & Empire State Building (854030)

There are some new LEGO magnet sets that LEGO has sent over a couple of them for a review. These include the London Magnet Build (854012) and Empire State Building Magnet Build (854030). They both retail for $9.99 each and they feature some of the more notable landmarks for each city.


New LEGO London and Empire State Building Magnets Revealed

For those who are interested, there will be some new LEGO magnets coming out soon featuring London (854012) and the Empire State Building (854030). These join the newer monument style magnets that have been recenetly released with the first one being the Eiffel Tower (854011). They should be priced at $9.99 and are good gifts for those who like to travel and collect magnets.

**Via LEGO Certified Store HK – Kidsland**


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