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LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes 2014 Man-Bat Minifigure Found

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Man-Bat Minifigure

A German seller on eBay is selling a couple of the 2014 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes minifigures including Batman, the Flash, as well as our very first look at the Man-Bat minifigure from the Man-Bat Attack (76011) set. He pretty much has the exact same look as the in the LEGO Batman video games. He has a slightly different printing from the Monster Fighters Bat Monster such as on the face and torso. Thanks to Carlos for the heads up.

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LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Man-Bat Minifigure


LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes 2014 Sets Revealed

LEGO Super Heroes DC Universe - Batman: The Riddler Chase

darth_tater over on Eurobricks has revealed the first wave of the 2014 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes sets. There are no images except for The Riddler Chase (76012) as of this time. There are four sets in this wave and will be available late this year/early 2014.

The Penguin Face-Off (76010) – Minifigures include Batman, the Penguin, and two robot penguin henchmen. Batman comes with a jet-ski type vehicle and the Penguin has a duck-like flotation vehicle like the one in Batman Returns. This set is the smallest set of the wave.

Man-Bat Attack (76011) – Minifigures include Batman, Robin, and Man-Bat. Batman’s vehicle is a Batcopter looking vehicle. This is a small-to-medium sized set.

The Riddler Chase (76012) – Minifigures include Batman, the Flash, and the Riddler. Batman has a Batmobile and the Riddler has a green drag racer type vehicle. This set contains 304 pieces and will retail for $29.99. See more images below.

The Joker Steam Roller (76013) – Minifigures include Batman, the Joker, a possibility of Nightwing, and two other villains. Batman has a jet with wings that have similar functions as the Republic Striker-class Starfighter (9497). The Joker has a Steam Roller with a lot of colors.

Thanks to Groove Bricks for the heads up.

Update: Rich over at Brick Fanatics reports that we will probably be seeing the Green Lantern minifigure in 2014. If that’s the case, then it’ll most likely be in the The Joker Steam Roller set since there was an unidentified hero from earlier … Continue

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