LEGO Minecraft

Hungarian site, KockaMania, is reporting that there will be two more LEGO Minecraft sets to be released in the future. There’s no official announcements about this yet about the details of the sets or release dates as of this writing so we’re just going to treat this as rumors for now.

  • LEGO 21105 – Minecraft II
  • LEGO 21106 – Minecraft III

With the first Minecraft (21102) set on LEGO CUUSOO gaining enough supporters in a very short amount of time, LEGO knew that they had a success on their hands. After the release of the sets on the retail market, LEGO had quickly sold out their initial 10000 set inventory for a period of time. We would sometimes find them at online retailers but they ran out of stock after finding out about them. LEGO then announced that they will be producing more sets to cover the demand and right now, the set is still available on Shop@Homeicon. Now we hear that there may be new sets to add to the initial set. This also means that Minecraft will be the first set on CUUSOO to have additional sets which we’re excited to see. This possibly opens the door to other LEGO CUUSOO projects that have passed the review stage to have more expansion sets in the future instead of being a one-and-done kind of thing.