LEGO Creator Power Digger (31014) yet again has revealed some LEGO 2014 sets and this time, they are the Creator sets. I really dig the Forest Animals (31019) set because monkeys are one of my favorite animals so I’ll definitely be picking that set up.

Power Digger (31014)

There’s more to this digger than meets the eye! Pick up any load and shovel deep holes with the powerful arm. Operate the rotating cab to work from any angle and open the engine compartment to carry out essential repairs. It even rebuilds into a dump truck or front loader.

LEGO Creator Power Digger (31014)

Emerald Express (31015)

Full steam ahead! The exciting and colorful Emerald Express steam train is packed with detail, from the old-fashioned funnel to the driver’s cab and the bars at the front that push cows out of its way. Moo! When it’s time for a change, you can rebuild it into a fast rocket train or a carriage. Combine with additional Emerald Express sets to create an even longer train!

LEGO Creator Emerald Express (31015)

LEGO Creator Emerald Express (31015)

Sunset Speeder (31017)

The sleek Sunset Speeder sports car is perfect for cruising the streets. Featuring an orange body with super-distinctive black and white stripe, racing wheels and cool headlights, this is one car that you’ll want in your LEGO® collection. For added variety, rebuild it into a truck cab or an even faster racing car.

LEGO Creator Sunset Speeder (31017)

LEGO Creator Sunset Speeder (31017)

Highway Cruiser (31018)

Discover the joys of the open road with the cool styling of the bright green Highway Cruiser. This cool, chopper-style motorcycle has long, angled front forks, wing mirrors, realistic engine and a twin