Registration for Philly Brick Fest 2016 is now live and you sign up to be a full participant. This means you can attend all four days and participate in activities not available to the public. The event will be held on April 28-May 1 and there some new things planned for next year. Beforehand, I’ve sent over a couple of questions about the event. Also check out the official press release below.

TBF: What is the goal for PBF 2016?

CC: This is our 3rd year running for Philly Brick Fest, and while we are still relatively young, there are already a handful of newer conventions that have popped up behind us like BrickSlopes and BricksLA. With Brick Fest Live running all year long, we have been able to meet and interact with LEGO User Groups (LUGs) and Fans of LEGO (FOLs) all over the country. Inevitably, we start talking about LEGO conventions and always extend the invite for them to join us in Philly. Since PBF hit the scene in 2014, which was also the height of LEGO-mania with the launch of the LEGO movie, LUGs and FOLs alike have more choices than ever before to choose the events they want to attend and participate in. We want the world to know that THIS event, Philly Brick Fest, is a “Destination Convention”. Our FOL schedule is packed with activities and surprises, and most of all we know fans gravitate to this event for each other.

TBF: What makes PFB 2016 different from the previous two?Continue