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LEGO January 2020 Double VIP Point Sets

It’s a brand new month and that means that LEGO [email protected] is offering Double VIP Points on a couple of sets. First is the LEGO City Police Station (60246) where you can get 1,300 points on it. The other set is the LEGO Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter (75272) and you will be able to get 1,040 points for it. Both sets are new for 2020 and it’s a random selection that LEGO chose for the Double VIP Points sets this month.


LEGO City 2014 Police Set Updates

Little by little, we’ve getting more details about LEGO sets that will be coming out in 2014. CM4S from Eurobricks has revealed the official names for the 2014 Police sets of the LEGO City line. Even though there are more Police sets being released, there is an uneven proportion ratio of criminals to police officers overall in the Police subtheme. LEGO City Criminal Accessory Pack anyone?

  • Crook Pursuit (60041)
  • High Speed Police Chase (60042) – White police car and 2 bikes, 3 minifigures (2 criminals and 1 police officer)
  • Prisoner Transport (60043) – 8 stud wide prisoner van, 1 red quad bike, 3 minifigures (2 criminals and 1 police officer)
  • Mobile Police Unit (60044) – Police truck with trailer, 3 minifigures (2 police officers and 1 prisoner)
  • Police Patrol (60045) – 4×4 police jeep with trailer, dinghy boat, 2 minifigures
  • Helicopter Surveillance (60046)
  • Police Station (60047)

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