In less than 36 hours (35 hours and change), the Purdue Pete project by Sandra San Miguel, SanDSanM, on LEGO CUUSOO has achieved 10000 supporters to be considered to be an official LEGO set. With extensive campaigning by Purdue students, faculty, and staff, the number of supporters quickly rose. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that Purdue Pete is the fastest LEGO CUUSOO set to gain 10000 supporters, even beating out the LEGO Minecraft set which took 48 hours to gain that amount of supporters.

Just some quick info on the set, Purdue Pete is 16 inches tall about took about 900 bricks to create. The Boilermaker icon is the first college/university related set to hit the magical number of supporters which is a little different from the other sets that have already achieved consideration and under review. The set will now go to the review stage during the Winter Review quarter. If Purdue Pete becomes an official LEGO set, Sandra will get 1 percent of all the sales and the proceeds will be donated to the PVM Bound scholarship fund, according to the Purdue News Service. Congratulations to Sandra and Purdue University for reaching this great achievement! Below is the official comment from LEGO:

Congratulations on 10,000 Supporters, SanDSanM!

Boiler up! Wow, did the supporters for this project ever roll in quickly. You’ve made a very nice sculpture of Purdue Pete, and as your fellow classmates and alumni have shown, it looks like he’d would find a nice home on quite a number