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LEGO Freddie Mercury Shirt on Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel Freddie Mercury

I haven’t posted about any LEGO-related apparel in a while but Ript Apparel has finally posted one for purchase for the next 24 hours. The shirt features a LEGO minifigure version of Freddie Mercury with the caption, “I Want to Brick Free” which is a play on the Queen song. The shirt starts at $13 and there is a flat $3.50 shipping rate.


The LEGO Batman Movie Mega Man Themed Shirt on Ript Apparel

The LEGO Batman Movie Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel has a new The LEGO Batman Movie themed t-shirt that will be available until the end of the day. The shirt features some of Batman’s villains in the style of the Mega Man stage select screen. It’s a cool design and gives a nostalgic feeling if you’ve ever played Mega Man on Nintendo.


LEGO Voltron Minifigure Shirt Re-Released on Ript Apparel

Last year, Ript Apparel released a LEGO Voltron minifigure shirt which turned out to be pretty popular and they have re-released it again for those who missed it the first time. The shirt will go for $13 and will be available for 24 hours.

You can help support The Brick Fan by purchasing the shirt using the links above.


LEGO Power Rangers Megazord Minifigure T-Shirt on Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel LEGO Power Rangers

The new Power Rangers movie premieres in theaters tomorrow and to celebrate, Ript Apparel has some Power Rangers shirts available for 24 hours including a LEGO themed one. It features a minifigure of the Megazord in the separated parts style that we’ve seen before for other characters. The shirts start at $13 and shipping at $3.50 and will be available for only 24 hours before it is retired.


Two LEGO Themed Shirts Available on Ript Apparel

I haven’t featured any LEGO shirts lately but Ript Apparel today has two available for purchase. The first one features LEGO Batman in the design from Batman: The Animated Series. The other shirt features Ash Williams from the cult classic Evil Dead series. Both shirts are available for 24 hours and start at $13 each.


The LEGO Movie Benny T-Shirt Available at Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel is still churning out LEGO themed t-shirts and today they have one based on The LEGO Movie. The shirt features Benny with the caption “We Can Build A Spaceship!!!” which is a parody of the famous propaganda poster. As of this post, there are about 11 hours left to purchase it. T-shirts start at $11 and the ship date is scheduled for early next week.


LEGO Portal T-Shirt Available Today on Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel has a new LEGO and Portal themed t-shirt available today for sale. It features a red 2×6 bricks going through the portals and connecting to itself. The shirts start at $11 and planned shipping date is on Thursday.

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