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LEGO AKIRA Kaneda’s Motorcycle by Sariel

Sariel is back at it with another LEGO build that I very much enjoy looking at because it’s based on one of my favorite manga series/anime, AKIRA. As you can see, the build is Shotaro Kaneda’s iconic motorcycle which features custom stickers as well as drive and steering controls via Power Functions. You just have to see it in action below to try and get a glimpse of how cool Sariel’s version is.


LEGO Remote-Controlled Batpod by Sariel

You may have heard of Sariel and all of the cool LEGO remote control vehicles that he creates. Well, he’s back and this time he has created the Batpod from The Dark Knight movie. The tires that he used are from the new LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes The Tumbler (76023). He also added some Lifelites LEDs in the front cannons. The coolest feature is probably the remote control aspect of it. To add some more authenticity to the vehicle, Sariel added the Batman Ultrabuild (4526) figure to ride it. Check out how Sariel created the Batpod as well as more pictures of the vehicle over on his site.


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