The Guardian is reporting that The LEGO Group has ended their partnership with Shell. This comes after pressure from Greenpeace and their viral video against Arctic drilling. Before, LEGO announced that the company would live up to their long term contract with the oil company but it looks like LEGO has done a complete 180 on the deal.

The partnership between LEGO and Shell has been going on since the 1960s with the first Shell sets being released in 1966. This most likely means that there will be no more promotional Shell sets being released anymore which makes existing sets go up in value on the secondary market. LEGO CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp notes:

“Our stakeholders have high expectations of the way we operate. So do we. We do not agree with the tactics used by Greenpeace that may have created misunderstandings among our stakeholders about the way we operate, and we want to ensure our attention is not diverted from our commitment to delivering creative and inspiring play experiences.”

You can the full statement from Jørgen here. And with that, this post will be the last time that we will be reporting on it.

**Via Brickset**