Three weeks ago, Chad Collins, the creator the LEGO Fan Convention Philly Brick Fest and touring LEGO experience Brick Fest Live, quietly launched a new web show called “Stay Creative”. The name of show, is the tagline Chad and his daughter Jordyn used in each of their videos on their YouTube channel, Your Creative Friends (YCF).

I have gotten to know Chad and his team, and have attended Philly Brick Fest each of the last two years. My blog, and YCF started around the same time, and each have had their share of success. But when Chad recently declared on his show that he wanted to buy BrickLink, it caught me off guard. His show, and new mission to buy the popular LEGO marketplace, are sure to get major attention. It seems like Chad is up for answering any question posted to social media using #AskStayCreative, and was gracious enough to answer these follow up questions from me on this topic. Here we go!

TBF: What makes you qualified to take over BrickLink?

CC: Before answering that question, it is important to recognize the late Dan Jezek, his mother Eliska (whom I briefly met two years ago at BrickWorld), for her willingness to keep BrickLink running as Dan’s legacy, and to Jay Kim for bringing stability and scalability to the ever growing popularity of the marketplace. Jay came to Philly Brick Fest in 2014, and it was great to meet him them. I am looking forward to our next conversation.

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