During the LEGO filled third day at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, I was privileged to meet the members of the BrickJournal LEGO as an Art Form panel, Brandon Griffith, Joe Meno, Nathan Sawaya, and Tommy Williamson. After the panel, I met up with every at the TwoMorrows Publishing booth. There, Brandon and Joe both handed me a pack of STUDS Collectible Trading Cards. If you remember from last year, Brandon started the project on Kickstarter and was successfully funded. The STUDS cards are expected to be released later this year. The Series 1 base set contains 96 base cards and a 9 card poster set. Each pack contains 8 trading cards and a BrickForge Minifig Accessory Part. Also in one of my packs was a BrickNerd sticker. There are also chase cards that you can find randomly inserted into packs such as artist autographed cards which are limited to 25 per artist, 4 micro chase cards, and sketch cards.

STUDS Trading Cards STUDS Trading Cards