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LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Sets at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014

The guys over at Promobricks are at the 2014 Nuremberg Toy Fair and they have gotten a close up look at the LEGO DUPLO Superman’s Rescue (10543) and Batcave Adventure (10545). Superman’s Rescue has 19 pieces and retails for $19.99 and the Batcave Adventure comes with 59 pieces and retails for $49.99. There is also the The Joker Challenge (10544) but that one was not displayed at the event. These new DUPLO Super Heroes sets will surely make younger kids ages 2-5 very happy as they are introduced to LEGO as well as various super heroes.


LEGO Marvel 2014 Sets Listed on Brickset & More

CM4S on Eurobricks has found out the set numbers of some the new 2014 LEGO Marvel sets in Brickset’s database. They are only listed as Marvel and X-Men as placeholders. There are no further details but at least we have set numbers.

Marvel 1 (76019)
Marvel 1 (76020)
Marvel 1 (76021)
X-Men 1 (76022)

CM4S has also found out there will be a couple of DC Universe/Comics DUPLO sets as well. This is new because there was no mentioning of DC DUPLO sets until now. Does big head Superman and Batman interest anyone? Certainly for younger children as they are acquainted with LEGO and various super heroes.

Superman’s Rescue (10543)
The Joker Challenge (10544)
Batcave Adventure (10545)


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