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More Hi-Res LEGO City Summer 2013 Set Images

Yesterday, we posted a couple of images of the LEGO City Summer 2013 sets. Today, there are a few more images that comes from World of Games.

LEGO City Surfer Rescue (60011)

Surfer Rescue (60011)

LEGO City 4×4 and Diving Boat (60012)

4×4 and Diving Boat (60012)

LEGO City Coast Guard Helicopter (60013)

Coast Guard Helicopter (60013)

LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol (60014)

Coast Guard Patrol (60014)


LEGO City Set Images From ToyArk

The LEGO City summer sets also makes an appearance at the 2013 New York Toy Fair and again, ToyArk has you covered.

Surfer Rescue (60011) – $6.99


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