The Brick Fan T-Shirt

Quite a few of you readers have asked for this and if you follow my Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen a teaser for this a few days ago. After six years of running the site, I have officially launched my first piece of merchandise for The Brick Fan with a t-shirt over on Teespring. I’ve always felt reluctant to selling stuff for my site but I felt this was a good time as any to sell a t-shirt. I’ve priced it at $14.99 for the US and £12.99 for the EU and there are a number of different colors you are able to choose from. I’ve already ordered three shirts for myself before I launched this campaign to test out the shirts and they actually feel pretty good.

I’ve added a new “Merchandise” tab on the top of the menu to access the Teespring storefront so you can go there any time if you want to get a shirt or you can go there directly with this link. For now, I just have the shirt available but if you want any additional items, leave it in the comments below and I may decide to add them later on in the future.

As always, I do appreciate everyone who reads this site and I’ve had a great time putting out posts for you on a daily basis (most of the time). You do not have to purchase a shirt if you don’t want to but any purchases go back towards the site … Continue