LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Age of Ultron The Avengers Quinjet City Chase (76032)

Amazon now has the last LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Age of Ultron set available for purchase, The Avengers Quinjet City Chase (76032). All of the other sets in the wave have been released early but have subsequently been taken down or sold out. This set contains 772 pieces and is sold for $79.99 which is retail price. The official release date will be on March 1st so even if you order it now, you’ll still get it on Sunday anyways so it’s up to you whether you want to just order it online or not.

Launch a high-speed pursuit of Ultimate Ultron with the Avengers in the iconic Quinjet. Place Black Widow at the controls in the cockpit and soar into the sky. Fire the stud shooters and release Captain America on his super-cool bike to take the pursuit to the streets. Iron Man MK43 is flying alongside the Quinjet using his thrusters, ready to take on Ultimate Ultron. When the time is right, make the perfect jump onto the truck to explode the sides and reveal the precious cargo. Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: Vision, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man and Ultimate Ultron.