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LEGO San Diego Comic Con 2013 Day 1 Recap


Day 1 at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con is finally over and I haven’t been this tired in a very long time. Let me do a recap on all things LEGO related today at the Con. The biggest news there was probably the failure of the exclusive Spider-Woman minifigure giveaway. As you may have seen in my earlier post, the LEGO floor staff had to shut down the whole thing 15-20 minutes into the giveaway due to overcrowding. If you’ve been to SDCC before, once there’s any sort of overcrowding, they would be forced to shut down things like this. As a result, there are still some left over raffle tickets left over for Spider-Woman and will be given out tomorrow morning at 11:30 but this time it’s at the West Terrace. At that time, LEGO will also be giving out tickets for the Amazing Spider-Man minifigure as well. At 3:30pm, check if you have a winning ticket on and if you do, head back to the LEGO booth to pick up your precious.

Another thing that I noticed that was a little out of control was the line for the LEGO The Hobbit Micro Scale Bag End and the LEGO Star Wars JEK-14 Mini Stealth Starfighter exclusive sets. People were lining up for the minifigure giveaway when the line was for tickets to get the two sets. This confusion led to a line that snaked a couple of times around the whole booth. There were only a limited amount of each set … Continue

LEGO Minecraft The Village (21105) and The Nether (21106) Set Images Revealed

Images of the newest LEGO Minecraft sets, The Village (21105) and The Nether (21106) have been revealed. In The Village set, it looks like you get a housing structure with 3 micromobs: a villager, a zombie villager, and a pig. For the The Nether set, you get the Nether realm with the Obsidian Nether Portal with 3 micromobs: 2 ghasts and a zombie pigman. The article also mentions there will be “plenty of Netherrack” included in the set.

Both sets are 3″x3″x3″ and like the original Mincraft (21102), they are able to be separated into four sections and rebuilt in different ways. Both sets will be available September 1st for $34.99 and will be unveiled at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Below are the official images and the press release.

Update: Both sets are now available.

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

LEGO Minecraft The Nether 21106

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO (July 17, 2013) — Delighting LEGO® and Minecraft fans across the globe, The LEGO Group today announced it is extending its relationship with Swedish game developer Mojang to build on the blockbuster success of its first LEGO Minecraft building set to add two new models that will be released September 1, 2013.

LEGO Minecraft provides the opportunity to build, reconfigure and create new Minecraft micro-worlds in a physical LEGO way. The two new 3″x3″x3″ models, The Village and The Nether, are on display for the first time at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Fans can also enjoy and take pictures with a large interactive 3D mosaic complete with Micromob character props at


New LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft Set Details Revealed

LEGO Minecraft

Neoape is revealed some juicy details of the new LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft sets. A couple of weeks ago, we reported that there going to be two expansion Minecraft sets coming out in the near future. Now we know that LEGO 21105 will be The Nether and LEGO 21106 will be The Village.

Update: Both sets are now available.

The Nether consists of flames and flowing lava throughout the area. My guess is there will be lots of orange and red pieces to represent the flames and lava. There are also zombie pigmen and ghast that spawn in the Nether so they could be some of the microfigures that could be included.

The Village consists of groups of buildings that are in the world of Minecraft. Materials that are used the create the buildings are made from wood, cobblestone, and glass. I am assuming there will be quite a few brown and grey pieces included in the set. There could be some NPC microfigures in this set as well.

As of this writing, there’s no word on pricing or piece counts for the two sets but we’ll let you know when it becomes available.

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