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LEGO Toys-to-Life Video Game Rumored Title as LEGO Dimensions

A few days ago, we reported of a rumor that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Traveller’s Tales will be releasing a toys-to-life video game later this year. Today, has learned that this new game is being developed under the name of “LEGO Dimensions.”

LEGO hopes to break into the popular toys-to-life market joining Activision’s Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Nintendo amiibo where figures have a NFC chip inside which can be projected into the game as a playable character. There are no further details at this point as all parties are being hush hush on the project but Traveller’s Tales associate producer Tim Wileman notes:

“I don’t want to focus too much on the other games at the moment but what I will say is, like I say, we’re always looking to push the boundaries on these games in terms of the scope and the potential and we’re ambitious in that respect. So although I can’t go into any specific details now, rest assured that is the case and we’re always trying to push the boundaries. So watch this space.”

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LEGO Toys-to-Life Game Rumored for Later This Year

IGN is reporting of a rumor that LEGO will be working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Traveller’s Tales to release a toys-to-life game later this year. What does that mean? Think of Activision’s Skylanders, the Disney Infinity toys, and the Nintendo amiibo where you have physical toys that are projected to gameplay.

Last year, LEGO jumped to the digital world with the LEGO Fusionicon sets that combine bricks and apps that interact with the builds. Furthermore, the LEGO Ultra Agentsicon sets have the AppBricks that let you interact more with the apps. It looks like LEGO will be taking their quest to further leverage digitalization with the rumored toys-to-life game for later 2015.


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