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The LEGO Movie Music Maker App Released


The LEGO Movie Music Maker

If you’re an old-school fan of Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo, then The LEGO Movie has something cool for you. They have released a new app called The LEGO Movie Music Maker which have a similar feature as Mario Paint’s Composer with a slight difference.

In the beginning, you choose between Emmet, Wyldstyle, Benny, and Batman to watch them dance. Next, you choose from three different songs including the main theme song of the movie, “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” The Music Mixer itself shows your mixer board where you can place different sound blocks to create a sound effect. There are four types of sound blocks to choose from: percussion, guitar, synth, and voices. The song that you choose will loop in the background and will add on whatever sound effect you’ve place on the board. Once the line goes over an effect, the characters will do a dance move for it. You can also change characters and songs on the fly as well. Just a warning, by changing songs, you will lose everything you’ve already done and it will clear the board so be careful when doing that. After you’ve completed your dance, you can save it and it will give you a code so you can return later to edit. You can also send it to a friend for them to watch. It’s pretty neat and kids will enjoy creating some music while watching the characters dance around to it.

The LEGO Movie Music Maker