LEGO Batman 3 Updated on GameStop with Plastic Man Minifigure Bonus

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Plastic Man Exclusive Minifigure

GameStop has finally listed the Plastic Man exclusive bonus minifigure listed on their website for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. For those who were waiting until the bonus showed up on the site, there’s no need to wait any longer.

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Xbox 360
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Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 3DS

I’ve been told that if you already pre-ordered before the Plastic Man was listed on the website, there should be no problem in getting it. For those who will have the game shipped to their homes, you’ll be getting it with your package.

If you’re picking up in-store, be sure to be there on launch day because the minifigures are first come, first serve. I highly suggest if you’re going to reserve LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, do it ASAP and not at the last minute so the stores get their proper allocation. Stores usually have enough quantity for the people who pre-ordered and even a couple of extras for late reserves. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will be available on November 11th.


LEGO Inside Tour 2015 Details Announced

Brickset has reported that LEGO has published details about next year’s LEGO Inside Tour. If you haven’t heard of the LEGO Inside Tour, it takes you on an very unique tour where you can visit Ole Kirk Christiansen’s original house, meet the LEGO designers, as well as take a look at the Billund factory. Another perk that you get from the tour is the exclusive set that is given away to attendees. This year’s set was The LEGOLAND Train (4000014).

If you’ve tried to applying for a spot on the tour before, you know that it’s extremely difficult to get in since they sell out within minutes. The LEGO Inside Tour is even harder to get in than San Diego Comic Con and I know how hard it is to get tickets to SDCC.

Registration for LEGO Inside Tour opens at 1.00 PM on Monday 3 November 2014 (Danish time)

There are four different tours that potential attendees can get in to:

5 May – 8 May
19 May – 22 May
9 June – 12 June
16 June – 19 June

The price for the tour has increased by 10% from 13,000 DKK last year to 14,500 DKK ($2500, £1500, 1900€) this year. Also, travel accommodations to Billund is NOT included so you will have to arrange that yourself.

Read more about the 2015 LEGO Inside Tour here.


LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109) Available at Target

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109)

If you’re still searching for the elusive LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109), you may be glad to know that Target has them on their website. They are only available for purchase online for $39.99 which is $5 more than the LEGO retail price. If you’re a REDcard member, you’ll also get free shipping as well. Until LEGO Stores or Shop@Home gets more in stock, it seems that Target is the only retailer currently to have the Exo Suit (21109) below $40.


Upcoming LEGO Books from No Starch Press

There are a couple of new LEGO books coming out from No Starch Press in the next few months which I look forward to reviewing.

Art of the Brick is a book that showcases the work of Nathan Sawaya including going behind-the-scenes to see how he has made the creations. Nathan is a world-renowned artist and The Art of the Brick takes us into how he uses LEGO bricks as an art form.

Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber is a book that I am very interested in reading. This book will showcase a number LEGO artists who has created Steampunk-type builds from cities to pirate ships to robots.

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book takes a look a many different ways to build mechanisms with LEGO MINDSTORMES EV3 (31313). Each build will have a list of parts needed and colorful photos so you can easily build it yourself.

Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark by Mike Doyle continues off where the first Beautiful LEGO left off. Dark takes a look at LEGO builds that are categoried as “dark” which includes sci-fi to scary builds. There are also dark humor builds in the book as well.


LEGO BIONICLE is Returning in 2015


LEGO has finally revealed what their big announcement was and it is indeed LEGO BIONICLE will be back in 2015. They’ve posted a video of the Mask of Creation which we already reported on last week so it wasn’t really a big secret considering LEGO accidentally spoiled it earlier this week.

LEGO BIONICLE makes their triumphant return after it was originally discountinued back in 2010 and being replaced by LEGO Hero Factory. BIONICLE was a very popular theme and was one of the themes that brought LEGO back from near bankruptcy (Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry).

There’s no doubt that many fans are happy are that this theme is returning next year. BZPower is also reporting that LEGO will be revealing the information about the sets at New York Comic Con on October 9th as well as on social media so stay tuned for that. We already know the set names so they’ll probably reveal some of them at NYCC.

Protector of Jungle (70778)
Protector of Stone (70779)
Protector of Water (70780)
Protector of Land (70781)
Protector of Ice (70782)
Protector of Fire (70783)
Lewa Master of Jungle (70784)
Pohatu Master of Stone (70785)
Gali Master of Water (70786)
Tahu Master of Fire (70787)
Kopaka Master of Ice (70788)
Onua Master of Earth (70789)
Skull Krata (70790)

What are your guys’ thoughts on LEGO BIONICLE returning in 2015?



LEGO Classic Space Galaxy Explorers Geeky Jerseys

LEGO Classic Space fans, this may be something that you may want to add to your collection. Geeky Jerseys has a pretty sweet looking hockey-style jersey which features the Classic Space logo across the chest. The back has a Galaxy Explorer patch with the word Spaceman name. The arms also has a couple of patches as well.

As with many of their products, Geeky Jerseys are only available for a limited time and they rotate out depending on the demand for them. They are made from scratch so you’ll know that you’ll be getting a high quality product. If you’re interested in the LEGO Classic Space Galaxy Explorers jersey, head over to their site and enter your email to be notified when they will be available.

Update: The jersey is now available on the site. There are a number of sizes to choose from and you can choose your name and number.


LEGO Creator Seasonal Elves’ Workshop (40106) Official Images

LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106)

The official images of the LEGO Creator Seasonal Elves’ Workshop (40106) are now available. The exclusive holiday set will be available for free with purchases of $99 or more at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home. This is also the first of two Holiday sets that LEGO will be giving away this year with the second set being available in the month of November which will be a Winter Skating Scene.

The Elves’ Workshop (40106) includes the workshop that the Elves use to create toys for the children. Some toys that they have created include a train, a bulldozer, a nutcracker, and a couple of presents.

LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106)

LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106) LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106) LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106) LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106) LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106) LEGO Seasonal Elves' Workshop (40106)

**Via Brickset**

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