LEGO BIONICLE Battle for the Gold Mask Competition Announced

You’ve probably seen the gold LEGO BIONICLE masks that were shown off at New York Comic Con 2014 and wondered how you can get your hands on one. Six different LEGO fan sites (EuroBricks, BZPower, Bionifigs, RusBIONICLE, Pockyland, ReBrick) are teaming up to do a building competition and one overall winner from the six sites will also win an unique 14 karat gold BIONICLE mask that is only available through this contest.

To celebrate the coming relaunch of LEGO® Bionicle®, The LEGO Group is teaming up with the LEGO fansites BZPower, RusBionicle, Bionifigs, Pockyland, EuroBricks and our own LEGO ReBrick to conduct an epic building competition where a winner from each site will go head-to-head for the grand prize of a 14 karat gold Bionicle mask!

We invite you to build the baddest villain you can imagine, using a minimum of 75% LEGO® Constraction/Technic bricks and no more than 25% LEGO System bricks. You can use LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) if you lack the necessary parts, but we will only accept rendered versions of LDD files.

You can enter as many villains as you want, and can enter on multiple sites if you choose.

The winner on each site will win the 6 new Bionicle heroes, signed by the designer. 2nd prize on each site will be 3 sets and 3rd prize will be 1 set.

The competition will begin October 20, 2014, 12 p.m. CEST and ends December 1, 2014, 12 p.m. CET. If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in, here’s a time zone converter.

Each site will have a different method of entry, please refer to that site for details.

View the full rules here.


More LEGO DC Comics Super Hereoes Batman: Be-Leaguered Promo Clips

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman-Be-Leaguered

Exactly a week from today, Cartoon Network will be airing an all new special called LEGO DC Comics Super Hereoes Batman: Be-Leaguered. DC Entertainment has released a scene that shows Superman trying to recruit Batman to the Justice League but Batman wants to handle things by himself.

Cartoon Network has also released a short clip on their Facebook Page which shows Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing in the same area.


The Next LEGO Star Wars UCS Set is a TIE…

The rumor mill has started up as we start to speculate what exclusive sets could be coming out in 2015. Earlier, we reported that the LEGO The Simpsons line would be getting another set.

Cavegod over on Eurobricks is reporting that we would be seeing a new LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series set. The only thing that they mentioned was a UCS TIE. Since there are many different TIE variants such as the Advanced, Interceptor, Bomber, etc., it’s hard to guess which version it is.

My sources are telling me that the next LEGO Star Wars UCS set would be the TIE/LN Starfighter aka the TIE Fighter. I was also told that it would be priced around $199.99 and would be released during the May the 4th event. If this is true, it’ll be joining the TIE Interceptor (7181) from 2000 and Vader’s TIE Advanced (10175) from 2006 as the TIE variants in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

We’ll see in a few months whether it is indeed be the UCS TIE Fighter or another TIE aircraft.


LEGO The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Coming in 2015?

In addition to another wave of the LEGO The Simpsons Minifigures in 2015, a little bird had told me that we could be seeing another set next year, the Kwik-E-Mart. There wasn’t much info given but it was said that it would be a little cheaper than The Simpsons House (71006). I could venture a guess that one of the minifigures in the set would be Apu Nahasapeemapetilon since he runs the Kwik-E-Mart. Another minifig could be his brother Sanjay since he helps out from time to time.

For now, I would take this a rumor but it might be possible that we could be seeing another set considering that another wave of minifigures are being released next year.


LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive Ice Skating (40107) Image Revealed

LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive Ice Skating (40107)

Brickset has revealed the image for the second 2014 LEGO Creator Holiday Exclusive set, the Ice Skating (40107) scene. As you can see, it’s a small set showing one minifigure sliding down the ice while the other minifigure is playing hockey. I’m surprised that LEGO didn’t use the hockey stick from the Series 4 Hockey Player Collectible Minifigure but instead opting for a brick-built one which looks more like a broom.

The set will be given away for free during Brick Friday weekend, November 28 – December 1 with purchases of $99 or more.


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Achievement List Revealed

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Box Art

Xbox Achievements has listed the achievements that you can get in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. There are 40 achievements to get with a total of 1000 points. The PlayStation version of the game will have trophies broken down by rarity instead of points earned.

Once LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is out, we’ll be doing a full review of the game as well as an achievement/trophy guide so stay tuned for that.

Pursuers in the Sewers – Complete Level 1 – Pursuers in the Sewers – 20G

Breaking BATS! – Complete Level 2 – Breaking BATS! – 20G

Space suits you, Sir! – Complete Level 3 – Space suits you, Sir! – 20G

Space Station Infestation – Complete Level 4 – Space Station Infestation – 20G

The Big Grapple – Complete Level 5 – The Big Grapple – 20G

The Lantern Menace – Complete Level 6 – The Lantern Menace – 20G

Europe Against It – Complete Level 7 – Europe Against It – 20G

Big Trouble in Little Gotham – Complete Level 8 – Big Trouble in Little Gotham – 20G

Power of Love – Complete Level 9 – Power of Love – 20G

A Blue Hope – Complete Level 10 – A Blue Hope – 20G

Jailhouse Nok – Complete Level 11 – Jailhouse Nok – 20G

All the Rage – Complete Level 12 – All the Rage – 20G

Need for Greed – Complete Level 13 – Need for Greed – 20G

Aw-Qward Situation – Complete Level 14 – Aw-Qward Situation – 20G

Breaking the Ice – Complete Level 15 – Breaking the Ice – 20G

Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! – Complete Bonus Level – Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! – 50G

Bat’s all, folks – Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain – 70G

True Hero – Attain ”True Hero” status in any level – 20G

An Unearthly Likeness – Play as Batman (Zur-En-Arrh) – 20G

Bane and Gain – Transform Bane into Bane (Venom-Powered) – 20G

Beings from the 5th Dimension – Set both Free Play characters as Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk – 20G

Doughnut Discoverer – Find and destroy a hidden doughnut on a hub planet – 20G

Everyone Loves Bouncing – Jump on bouncy objects 50 times – 20G

Glide on Time – Glide continuously for 10 seconds – 30G

Hard Traveling Heroes – Set both Free Play characters as Green Arrow and Green Lantern – 20G

Hey Diddle Diddle – Find a gang of jumping cows on the Moon – 30G

Intruder alert! Intruder alert! – Play as The Riddler in the Batcave Trophy Room – 20G

Loontern’s Space Race – Complete any hub race as Green Loontern – 20G

Mirror… MIRROR! – Create a custom character – 30G

Nok Nok! – Knock out your buddy on the planet Nok – 20G

New Queens of Crime – Set both Free Play characters as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – 20G

Now THAT’S impressive! – find and destroy a hidden Riddler Trophy – 20G

One Giant Leap for (Bat)Man-kind – Visit all of the HUB Lantern Planets – 50G

One Small Step for (Bat)Man… – Visit the Moon Base in the Hub – 20G

SHAZAM! – Transform from Billy Batson into Shazam! – 20G

Super Buddies – Set both Free Play characters as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle – 20G

Super Pets – Set both Free Play characters as Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto – 20G

The Bright Knight – Play as Adam West – 40G

The Green Room – Find the hidden celebrity party – 30G

Under the Red Brick – Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time – 50G


LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded To Be Released Next Year

Back in 2011, DK Publishing released the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia which detailed more than 300 minifigures in the Star Wars Universe and also included the exclusive Yavin Han Solo minifigure.

During Star Wars Day 2015, specifically on May 5, 2015, DK will be releasing the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded version. This book will probably be including details of all the new LEGO Star Wars minifigures that have been released since the first book was released a few years ago. It will have 280 pages and retail for $18.99 and will most likely include an exclusive minifigure as well. There’s no word yet on who it could be, if there is one, but leave your comments below on who you want to be the minifigure.

Stay tuned for more details about LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded but in the meantime, you can pre-order the book right now on Amazon for 22% off.

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