LEGO Marshmallow Peeps

Lego Bunny Peeps

Today is Easter Sunday and fans in the LEGO community have gotten into the Easter spirit including Sean and Steph Mayo (Siercon and Coral). They have created a LEGO version of the Marshmallow Peeps as their Iron Builder entry using the yellow sloped curve piece.

Legohaulic has also created a box of Peeps using the same yellow 1×2 curved slope and one of the chicks even has its head bitten off. These two entries are very cool especially considering today is Easter and the entries are very well-timed.

What Up Peeps?


New LEGO Minecraft Sets Listed on Brickshop.nl

Brickshop.nl now has listed 6 more LEGO Minecraft sets on their website and these could be the minifigure scale sets that will be coming out later this year. There are no other details besides the set name and numbers.

The Cave (21113) – € 19.95
The Fram (Farm?) (21114) – € 29.95
The First Night (21115) – € 39.95
Creative Box (21116) – € 54.95
The Ender Dragon (21117) – € 69.95
The Mine (21118) – € 99.95

**Via Brickset**


LEGO May 2014 Building Events

Toys R Us LEGO Star Wars Building Event

LEGO Club has published a couple of new free LEGO building events that will be happening early next month. First up is a “Build your own Star Wars Starfighter” event at all Toys R Us stores on May 3rd from 12-2pm. Kids ages 5 and up will be able to build a LEGO Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter and a Mini X-Wing, similar to the one you would get in an advent calendar.

The other building event is the LEGO Store Monthly Mini Model Build. For May, you can make a cute little dragon that breathes fire. Like with every monthly mini build, the event starts at 5pm but families usually line up for it way earlier than that. Quantities are limited and are available while supplies last.

LEGO Store Monthly Mini Model Build


Star Wars Insider Issue #150 LEGO Covers

Star Wars Insider #150 LEGO Issue

A few days ago, StarWars.com has revealed the covers for Star Wars Insider issue #150. The newsstands will have the Han Solo and Clone Troopers variants and comic book stores will feature a Diamond exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi. This issue will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars theme and will take a look back at the line as well as the new animiated series on Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels. Issue #150 of Star Wars Insider will be available on June 10th

Thank you to the few of you who emailed in about it from Brickset as well as over on Brick Fanatics.

Star Wars Insider #150 LEGO Issue

Star Wars Insider #150 LEGO Issue


Philly Brick Fest Only A Week Away

Philly Brick Fest 2014

Philly Brick Fest is only a week away and I’m happy to announce that I will be attending the convention and covering the event. This will be my very first LEGO event that I will be attending and I’m very excited that I can be a part of it. The convention will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and opens at 10am until 5pm. If you’re in the area and you’re a LEGO fan, I highly recommend you attend it. Although you can’t buy any more tickets online, they will be available at the door. Hope to see you all there!


More Images from The Simpsons LEGO Episode “Brick Like Me”

There are now a few more images of The Simpsons LEGO episode “Brick Like Me” that come directly from the physical copy of TV Guide. We can now see more characters from the show including the whole family as well as Principal Skinner and Nelson Muntz. These images are in addition to the ones we seen on the cover and from Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to Bill Kuchman from Popculturology for the heads up.


Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Project on LEGO CUUSOO

Brent Waller whose idea of the latest LEGO CUUSOO set to be released, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, is back with another project on CUUSOO. He has listed another Ghostbusters themed project, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. As you may know, Mr. Stay Puft was chosen as the Gozer’s Destructor Form when Ray Stantz let an image of it “just pop in there.”

Brent’s version of Mr. Stay Puft stands over 34cm (13 inches) tall and has fully articulated head, arms, hands, legs, and feet. I am astonished beyond the capacity for rational thought of this project and if you have the same feeling, be sure to support the project as well. Stay tuned as Brent has given a teaser for some minifigures to be included in the future. Can you guess who they are?

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