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LEGO Games Logo Update and Rumored Overwatch Set Coming Soon

LEGO has updated the logo for their LEGO Games subtheme and there are rumors that Overwatch may be part of this gaming umbrella. It is reported that LEGO Games will become it’s own theme and will include everything that is related to gaming from various video games to the Bits N’ Bricks podcasts. LEGO could just put various game related sets under the general LEGO Games theme without actually having a dedicated theme for them which is a smart move.

On to the Overwatch rumors, it has been reported that there could be a LEGO Overwatch set 76980 coming in November featuring the Null Sector Titan. If you follow Overwatch lore, the Titan was part of the Omnic Crisis at the Paris attack. The set is rumored to have 901 pieces and priced at 79.99€. We’ve been waiting for more sets from Overwatch but the game has died down a lot since the last wave of sets but hopefully Overwatch 2 can reinvigorate the line in 2022.

LEGO Fan Day Happening at LEGO House This Week

LEGO Fan Day will be happening at the LEGO House this week and you can attend it virtually if you can’t make it in person. For the first time in two years, this event will be held just before Skærbæk and there will be a number of live presentation from various LEGO design teams. There will be a new exhibition in Masterpiece Gallery that will showcase MOCs from LEGO designers. There will also be an update from Matthew Ashton about the latest news, a presentation about the 10th Anniversary of LEGO Ninjago, and also a Sustainability update. The event will be happening on September 23 and you can watch the livestream here. Remember it’s CEST time so you’ll have to convert it to your own time zone.

Fan Day in LEGO® House with new fan exhibition and live presentation

When LEGO® House for the first time in two years welcomes several hundred fans from all over the world on September 23, 2021, it is with a new fan exhibition in the Masterpiece Gallery and live presentations available both physically in LEGO House and virtually from home.

This year’s LEGO House Fan Day will be all about re-connecting with friends after months of separation and celebrating that it is finally possible to attend a physical event again. This is done with a fresh new exhibition in Masterpiece Gallery and presentations from LEGO Design Vice President, Matthew Ashton, the LEGO NINJAGO Design team, and an update on the LEGO Group’s Sustainability agenda.

Masterpiece Gallery this year has


LEGO Rebuild the World Celebrates Problem Solving

LEGO has launched a new iteration to their Rebuild the World campaign which celebrates problem solving. In a newly released film, it shows a Knight trying to cross a bridge but fails to until the town comes together to figure out a way across. Be sure to keep a close eye around the 0:42 mark where you can spot an Easter egg that fans really want in LEGO form.

New LEGO® campaign shows how creative problem solving can reunite and Rebuild the World

Billund, September 20th, 2021 – The LEGO Group has launched a playful new iteration to its global Rebuild the World brand campaign. Now in its third year, the 2021 Rebuild the World campaign celebrates children as the masters of creative problem solving and shows what can be achieved when people work together to overcome differences or challenges.

The main film is centered on the story of a Knight whose attempts to cross a river to see a friendly bear keep failing. Seeing the Knight’s dilemma, a whole town comes together and pools their varied skills, perspectives and talents to find a way to reunite the friends. As the Knight finally conquers the river crossing, the film playfully reveals how the story and the solution to the challenge have been imaginatively conceived by a group of children building, unbuilding and rebuilding through LEGO® play.

The LEGO System in Play has long been the ultimate platform for creative problem solving. Just as the children in this campaign come together to build and test different solutions,


LEGO Marvel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Movie to Set Comparison

It’s been a while but I’m back with my next installment of movie to LEGO set comparisons and this time it is for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It already has been a few weeks since the movie came out so if you still haven’t seen it yet, there will be some spoilers. I will not be including the Shang-Chi and The Great Protector (30454) polybag as it is just a promo set.

Escape from The Ten Rings (76176)

This set is based towards the middle of the movie where Shang-Chi, Katy, and Xialing have been captured by Wenwu and locked in the dungeons and find Trevor Slattery along with Morris. They eventually escape and get to the parking lot and steal Razor Fist’s custom BMW. The set features a yellow car while in the movie, it has more of a blue/purple color. Although the movie does have a motorcycle chase, it did not have Wenwu or Razor Fist giving chase. Lastly, there were no turrets shown either. Shang-Chi and Katy also didn’t get their dragon scale armor until the climax of the movie.

I feel that LEGO was just trying to fit a majority of the main characters into a set and it worked to an extent. I wish Shang-Chi and Katy still had their casual outfits while Wenwu had his white shirt. Obviously, Trevor couldn’t be a minifigure because he was a surprise in the movie and didn’t want to spoil that. Xialing had to be split off for the … Continue

LEGO Toys R Us Bricktober 2021 Sets Revealed

Toys R Us Singapore has revealed three of the four LEGO Bricktober 2021 sets. As we know by now, the Bricktober sets are exclusive to Toys R Us and the Asian market is the only place that has them as promotional sets. The sets will be free with purchases of $69 and they feature fairy tales depicted in microscale builds on top of a book cover.

There’s no word if these sets will be outside of the APAC region since they look like really nice sets that many fans would like to have. Note that these are promotional sets and do not fall under the regional exclusives tag which are typical of these kinds of sets.

Hansel and Gretel – 9/24 – 10/7
Jack and the Beanstalk – 10/8 – 10/15
Little Red Riding Hood – 10/16 – 10/24

**Via Bricksfanz**

LEGO The Batman Movie Sets Reported for 2022

There have been rumors of LEGO Batman sets coming in 2022 and they could be based on the upcoming The Batman movie. German retailer JB Spielwarn has a listing for the Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown (76239) and in the description, they have listed more sets coming soon which include:

76179 Bike Chase – $14.99
76181 Batmobile – $39.99
76183 Batcave – $69.99

Instagram user 1414falconfan has provided a possible price point for the set which I’ve also listed above. We won’t know the actual price until LEGO lists them on the LEGO Shop.

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