LEGO The Incredibles Video Game Includes Other Disney Pixar Characters

The LEGO The Incredibles Video Game comes out in just a few short weeks and the achievement list has just been revealed showing some neat Easter eggs in the game. As you progress through the game, you’ll obtain these achievements but there are also some hidden Disney Pixar characters in some of them. If you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest not reading any further.

In one of achievements called “Truly Incredible!”, the icon shows Mr. Incredible standing next to Woody (Toy Story), Bing Bong (Inside Out), Wall-E, Merida (Brave), and Russell (Up). In another achievement called “Just Keep Swimming,” the icon shows Dory from Finding Dory in a fish bowl. This means that all those characters will be playable in the LEGO The Incredibles Video Game.

It’s cool that we’ll be able to play some other Disney Pixar characters other than the ones from The Incredibles movies. I wonder what other characters will show up in the game as well.

Remember that you can pre-order the game at GameStop and you can get the bonus exclusive LEGO Edna minifigure.


LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod (5005376) Returns on [email protected]

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod

For those who missed out on the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod (5005376) a few weeks ago, you’re in luck because LEGO has brought it back on [email protected]. The promotion is the same as before as you have to spend $60 or more and the offer will run until June 3.


LEGO DC Villains Video Game Countdown Teaser

LEGO DC Villains

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new teaser for the upcoming LEGO DC Villains Video Game. This confirms the rumor of the game and it shows a wall tagged presumably by the Joker that says “Chaos is Coming.” There is also a minisite that shows a countdown timer to the reveal of the game next week. Stay tuned for more details of the upcoming LEGO DC Villains video game.


LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty (21042) Review

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty (21042)

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous landmarks in the world and LEGO has released several iterations of the structure throughout the years and the latest one is the summer 2018 LEGO Architecture 21042 set. It has 1,685 pieces and retails for $119.99 and will be available starting on June 1.

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LEGO Mosaic Maker Coming to the United States

LEGO Personalised Mosaic Portrait (40179)

The LEGO Mosaic Maker has been pretty popular in the UK, Europe, and more recently in Asia and now it will be making its way to the United States. If you’re not familiar with the Mosaic Maker, it’s basically a machine that captures an image of you and you’ll be able to get printed instructions and bricks for your LEGO portrait.

As usual with some of the bigger events, it will be held first at the flagship Flatiron District LEGO Brand Store in New York. They are holding a pre-booking event and you’ll need to claim your spot five weeks in advance. The cost for one of the sets is $129.99 per portrait and you’ll need to pre-pay the cashier before you get the LEGO Mosaic Maker Experience Card to use the machine.

Hopefully, the New York location opens it up more for other stores around the US to have their own machines as well.

Thanks to bcterps for the heads up.


LEGO Overwatch Sets Announced at Licensing Expo 2018

LEGO Overwatch

The Licensing Expo 2018 is set to kick off and Activision Blizzard has announced that they have partnered up with LEGO to produce LEGO Overwatch sets with multiple sets and various price points. I wonder if it’ll be builds of the heroes or the stages, or perhaps BrickHeadz.

There is other info at this time but for me personally, I’m very excited for this announcement because I’m a huge Overwatch fan. When I’m not doing anything LEGO-related, I’m usually playing the game. You can add me on Blizzard at Tormentalous#1173. Who else is excited for LEGO Overwatch sets?

Thanks to anonymous for the heads up!


New LEGO City Box Images Confirm Power Functions 2.0 Integration

LEGO City Passenger Train (60197)

More images of the summer 2018 LEGO sets have been uploaded to LEGO’s servers including the back of the boxes. One of the more interesting things are the boxes for the LEGO City sets which confirms that the new Power Functions 2.0 can be integrated with it through the Powered Up Platform. This means you will be able to use your phone or tablet to control it along with the standard remote.

LEGO will be moving forward with this innovative feature with these sets along with the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile (76112) as well as for the upcoming LEGO DUPLO trains as well.

LEGO City Passenger Train (60197)

LEGO City Freight Train (60198)

LEGO City Cargo Train (60198)

Via Brickset

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