LEGO Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC (42054) Amazon Sale

Continuing with some of the good sales on Amazon, there’s a LEGO Technic set that has caught my eye. The CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC (42054) is currently at $139.99 which is 22% off the regular price of $179.99. There may also be a coupon that you can click to save an additional $1.57. It’s not much but getting this flagship set that is sub $150 is a great deal plus there are some interesting mechanics as shown by Sariel below.


LEGO Minecraft 2018 Amazon Set Sales

The LEGO Minecraft 2018 sets have just been released but they are all already on sale on Amazon for 20% on each of the sets. Even if you’re not a Minecraft fan, some of these sets are worth it for the parts alone including the Chicken Coop (21140) above.

Melon Farm (21138)

Nether Fight (21139)

Zombie Cave (21141)

The Polar Igloo (21142)

Nether Portal (21143)

The Farm Cottage (21144)


LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack Sales on Amazon

If you’re looking to create a LEGO army or to add to your army, there are currently some good sales on some LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs on Amazon. The first one is the Tatooine Battle Pack (75198) that is going for $11.99. This set has two Jawas as well as a Tusken Raider along with the R3-T2 astromech. This is a good deal for those minifigures alone.

The other set is an older one with the First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack (75166) that is also at $11.99. For this set, you’ll get a couple of First Order Stormtroopers, a First Order Flametrooper, and a First Order Officer.

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Build Your LEGO Ideas Logo Contest Winners

Way back in November, LEGO ran a building contest to create your own LEGO Ideas logo to celebrate 10 years of the launch of LEGO CUUSOO. There were more than 600 entries and the winners have been chosen. Some of the submissions, including those who didn’t win, will be used later this year to celebrate the event. There’s no word whether it will be in future sets or on the website. Check out the link above for the judges’ commentary on each of the winning choices.

Grand Prize Winner: Switch on the Ideas by L87R85

Runner Up Winners: A journey with Lego Ideas by Totomio

Creativity! by ExeSandbox

Bonus Prize Winners: Fantastic Ideas by Swan Dutchman

The Designer’s Journey by Micro_Mini


LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.11 Update Now Available

LEGO Digital Designer

A few days ago, I reported that LDraw had just updated the parts list on the software and it looks like LEGO Digital Designer has also updated their software as well. The latest version (4.3.11) includes updates to the parts list from the past year which includes over 400 pieces. You can download LDD directy for both Windows and Mac OS.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rhino Face-Off by the Mine (76099) Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rhino Face-Off by the Mine (76099)

Black Panther hits theaters in just a month and as not surprisingly, LEGO has released a couple of sets to accompany the film. The smaller of the two sets is the Rhino Face-Off by the Mine (76099) which consists of 229 pieces and retailing for $19.99. There are some cool parts that are in this set and we’ll take a look at them a bit later.

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The LEGO Batman Movie The Batwing (70916) Amazon 50% Sale

One of the better deals on Amazon today is The LEGO Batman Movie The Batwing (70916). It is currently going for $45 which is half off the regular price of $89.99. Even if you’re not a fan of TLBM, you do get a lot of great parts so it’s basically a large black parts pack. This sale price basically makes it come in at $0.04/piece.

Update: It looks like it is out of stock at this time.

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